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From Wendy Weissman:

The Helena Jewish community is trying to purchase back the old synagogue that is now office spaces. They want to buy it and renovate it.

They are just in the beginning stages of this process, and have formed a non profit called the Phoenix Project, of which I am the treasurer. Right now they are giving tours of the old synagogue and getting ideas of what types of renovations it could use and how to best use the space. And of course, they are starting some fundraising.

I thought we could all caravan down to Helena and tour the synagogue. The Helena Jewish community has offered to host us for a short meet and greet outside the synagogue.

I am throwing out a date that works for the Helena community – how does Sunday September 19th at 2 PM sound for a tour? We can carpool or caravan down to Helena for the day. We could do our tour at 2 and then the Helena community would meet us at 3. We can either do dinner in Helena or just head back to Great Falls.

Thoughts??? I tentatively booked us a tour for that date when I was doing some treasury work with the President today…. If that date doesn’t work, throw out some other dates and I will coordinate with the Helena community to see if it will work, but this date seemed to work for them. I want to do this sooner rather than later so I don’t have to drive in the snow…



This is a reminder about the Kabbalat Chabbat lay services led by Devorah Werner the first Friday of the month, July 2, 2021, (22 Tamuz, 5781), at 6:00 P.M. at the Bethel.

As discussed and approved by the church council on June 8, 2021, all organizations that are using the facilities will be required to follow all the current use guidelines or any new guidelines adopted by the church council or as mandated by any federal, state or local government agency.

Current guidelines include but are not limited to:

  • Masks will be voluntary and are recommended if persons are or have been ill, or if people are more comfortable wearing them.
  • Social Distancing would still be appreciated.
  • Food or beverages will be allowed upon request. Council will review requests.
  • All contact surfaces must be wiped down with a sanitization product before leaving.
  • Any additional expense incurred due to requirements for additional sanitization of the facilities, or part of, shall be paid by the responsible parties involved.

The address for the Bethel is 1009 18th Avenue Southwest. click here for map and directions.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible, now that we may be getting a temporary reprieve from the pandemic.


Seder Songs
Song Parodies – Kosher for Passover


Dear Hadassah Montana,

Greetings all! See below for (1) Link for our ZOOM Shabbat, (2) news on some of our members, and (3) Save the date.

Join us for our virtual Hadassah shabbat, with Rabbi Mark Kula and Cantor Amber Ikeman, Zooming live from Congregation Beth Shalom in Bozeman, Friday June 12, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.. Zoom link (in blue) and info below!

• We are the guests of honor at the service, Friday June 12, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
• Everyone is welcome!
• Thank you to our volunteer readers who signed up in advance, listed here in alphabetical order by last name:
o Phyllis Lefohn – Clancy
o Sara (Sikorski) McConnell – Helena
o Shari Roubinek – Kalispell
o Lee Schreiber – Las Vegas, NV (Our Chapter Advisor aka “AVP” – Area Vice President)
o Amy Solomon – Billings
o Janet Tatz – Helena

The prayer book will be visible on screen. Click here to join:
Zoom link
for June 12 Shabbat 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Dial in by phone:
1 669 900 6833 US
Meeting ID: 876 1653 7867
Password: 016243

• Donna Johnson in Philipsburg, who does not have access to email, has experienced a miracle of healing and is improving. She is so pleased and wanted to convey to all how much the cards, calls and good wishes/prayers have meant to her. “Keep them coming” is her wish. She loves the contact, connection and concern. Donna Johnson, PO Box 795, Philipsburg, MT, 59858.

• Michelle Vered in Bozeman, our email administrator (Nancy is sending this particular message so I can write about Michelle) is doing better after COVID and also appreciated all the cards and letters she received.

• Sara (Sikorski) McConnell, Helena, our treasurer, got married and is expecting her first baby with a due date of January! B’sha-ah Tovah (“at a good hour” as they say in Israel – they wait on the “Mazal Tov” until the baby is born) and Mazal Tov on your recent marriage!

• Roberta Perlman, Columbus had rotator cuff surgery in January and is improving and doing PT like a good patient!

• Elaine Remez, Somers (in the Flathead), corresponding secretary, had surgery last month and we send her a big mishebeirach.

• Mona Jamison, Helena, is in our hearts after the recent passing last month of her beloved husband Van.

Cards from our chapter have been sent for all of the above (thank you Wendy Weissman, Great Falls, recording secretary filling in for corresponding while Elaine is out with surgery). Let me know if I’ve missed anyone. Thank you to all who have made donations this year or have stepped up or are considering stepping up to be an annual donor. Blessings to all of you. If you have any news you would like the chapter to share, please send it

October 23-25, 2020 is still our Montana Hadassah annual meeting in Helena at the Doubletree Hotel if we are able to meet in person, and by Zoom if not. More details will be trickling out to you in the next months, but I can tell you we have entertainment already. We will be zooming in a comedian (American who made aliya) from Israel! It’s going to be fun and we are going to raise some significant funds and awareness, whether we meet in person or by Zoom!

Nancy Oyer, President
Hadassah Montana
Hadassah email (goes to our email administrator):
Nancy Oyer personal email:

ADASSAH NEWS by Montana Hadassah
327 W Galena St.
Butte, Montana 59701 USA


Dear All,

Our planned June 12 Hadassah Shabbat at Beth Shalom Synagogue in Bozeman is still on… but it’s VIRTUAL! Now the whole chapter has an opportunity to enjoy the Shabbat service in Bozeman.

The rabbi has 6 readings available for Hadassah members who want to participate – please email me directly at Nancy Oyer by May 31st if you would like to be honored with a reading in English or the Shema in Hebrew.


What: Zoom Shabbat Service (Link to come in a couple of weeks)
When: Friday night June 12, 2020, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. MST
Why: Honor Hadassah, Connect, Engage (old and potential new) Members in Bozeman

Our chapter planned to sponsor (buy the food and drinks) for the oneg Shabbat (the “joy of Shabbat”) after services. There will, of course, be no oneg this time, but we can still get the word out about Hadassah, reach out to the Beth Shalom community, and connect with one another. We will host an oneg there in the future.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, and stay tuned in the next few weeks for the Zoom link to participate in the Hadassah Shabbat at Beth Shalom in Bozeman.

Nancy Oyer
Hadassah Montana
Butte, Montana


First of all, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

I miss all of you, and it seems unreal that I won’t be able to actually come there for a long time! We are living in the strangest time ever, right?

But I want to share with you my thoughts moving forward.
Regarding monthly study sessions: I think it would be wonderful to designate the first Saturday of each month for a 60 minute class/workshop. Y’all can suggest any topic you want, or leave it up to me, or some hybrid thereof.

Now, I hate to say this, but you’ve probably already figured out that I won’t be able to come for the HighHolydays. Flying just won’t be safe enough for me until there is a vaccine. Given that fact, I’d love to brainstorm with y’all about doing Zoom services of some kind. Taking the proverbial lemon and turning it into lemonade! 😁
Let me know what y’all think about these ideas soon, please.

Sending hugs to everyone!

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How families gather for Passover seder amid coronavirus outbreak, The Indianapolis Star
Passover 2020: This year, the plague is real,
Passover 2020 in Isolation || Mayim Bialik, from April 3
Passover in Seven Minutes with Mayim Bialik and Friends!


EDITOR’S NOTE: These days everything has gone virtual so that we may practice social distancing and flatten the curve of the COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic that has (temporarily, we hope) changed the way we interact with each other. You can probably pick your favorite place on the globe and they will have a virtual service streaming for the benefit of their local congregation. We have had to find creative ways to stay connected and keep our faith and traditions alive and well during this time of uncertainty. But we have survived many other times of trial, and working together to strengthen the ties that bind us together, we will survive this one stronger than ever.

Here is a suggestion from an email to Don and Helen Cherry from their daughter Karen.

… there are a number of virtual passover celebrations you can join on your computer. this is one from the Palo Alto JCC you can join. it is 4-5:15 on April 8th. Or maybe your local congregation wants to find one to do together. It seems a lot of the JCC’s and synagogues are offering these…

Click here for the Palo Alto virtual Pasover service

Submitted by Helen Cherry


Editor’s note: AN IMPORTANT message from Aitz Chaim Congregation President, Laura Weiss:

All our gatherings will be canceled until further notice.

This is unfortunate but an appropriate and responsible response to the crisis at hand.

The first Friday Shabbat gatherings and also the community Passover Seder will be canceled.

Thanks all.


Dear friends,

I hope this finds each and every one of you in good health. I know this email is somewhat long, but please read until the end.

Firstly, I beseech you to heed the instructions of your local health department and hunker down and wait out the storm. I don’t like the term “social distancing”, as we are blessed to live in an age of technology that we can be socially active, while still maintaining “physical distancing”. Chavie and I are so grateful to the tens of friends who reached out to check on us and to offer a helping hand.

The Shul of Bozeman is closed and all of our “normal” Chabad Lubavitch activities are suspended until further notice. Please DO NOT come to the Shul or our home. If you need to come by to get your Talit or Siddur, please call/text/email in advance to confirm that it’s ok and how to arrange it in the most sensible way. The women’s Mikvah is still open but will be used only by those who are well and in discussion with Chavie, our Rebbetzin and Mikvah attendant.

We are here to help . If you are at home and cannot visit your local pharmacy or grocery to get what you need, please reach out to us and we will do our best, while following the health department recommendations, to bring your items to your doorstep without any physical contact. Whether you’re in Dillon or Great Falls, Whitefish or Missoula, anywhere in Montana and beyond, if you need our help, please reach out.
If you are in good shape and would like to volunteer to bring items to those in need, please let me know ASAP and I will add you to the volunteer list.

While at home, I highly recommend that you do what Jews have always done: pray to G-d. Take out your Siddur (prayer book) or Tehillim (book of Psalms) and plead with the Almighty to end this horrible plague. While surfing the web for the never ending supply of negative news, pause and take some time to learn Torah: visit for a wide array of online Torah classes. I will be also broadcasting my class on Facebook as I do each week, but perhaps will add more classes as the weeks of isolation progress.

I know that Passover is on everyone’s mind. It is on our minds too. We don’t have a plan yet, but one thing is certain that will make sure Shemurah Matzah will get to every family that needs it and as of now the Kosher food delivery is still on schedule to make it to Bozeman sometime next week. As for Kosher for Passover food, especially for the Seders, we will have more answers on this matter in the next week or so.

The Rabbis and Rebbetzins at our three Chabad centers in Bozeman, Missoula and Kalispell, are here for each one of you. Though we can’t see you in person, we are here to help in any way possible. Many programs and classes will be shared online, Montana’s Jewish Voice will still reach you before Passover G-d willing and we are here for one-on-one phone calls anytime.

Personally, I’ve set up a system where you can sign up for a 15-minute chat with me to study Torah, chat about life or seek guidance in this challenging time. Click on this link to set up your 15-minute slot.

For over a decade Chabad Lubavitch of Montana has a devoted local advisory board consisting of Mrs. Robin Bequet, Dr. Sarah Bronsky, Mrs. Paola Feher, Rabbi Amram Phelps, Dr. Mick Lifson, Mrs. Kinerette Martin and Mr. Seth Robbins. They along with me and Chavie will work together to figure out a plan for this odd time and see it through recovery.

This is a very hard time for us financially. Many of our regular donors and Passover donors are hurting due to the economic slowdown. We would like to remain stable through this era, so If you are blessed to be in a place that you could help others, please help us do our holy and vital work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A DONATION HERE: http://WWW.JEWISHMONTANA.COM/DONATE
Friends, we will get through this, but it will be a rough period. Don’t despair, don’t give up, don’t stop praying; we are resilient, and we’ve been through worse. WE SHALL OVERCOME!
Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Chaim Bruk