Hello everyone-

The Aitz Chaim Community Passover Seder will be held at the O’Haire Motor Inn,
17 7th St. S.,
Saturday evening, April 8, at 5:30 pm.

The menu will include traditional Passover fixings such as charoset, gefilte fish, matzo ball soup and matzo and a buffet dinner of:
1. Honey garlic glazed salmon
2. Lemon Greek potatoes with oregano and garlic
3. Beef brisket with pearl onions and carrots
4. Sweet potato quinoa salad with dried cranberries
5. Meringues with fruit compote

Price will be $32 for adults, $16 for children ages 3- 12yo, under 3yo no charge.

Dietary specifications for this event will be Kosher for Passover style and sober friendly.
Food will be prepared without alcohol. Kosher for Passover wine will be available on request.

Deadline for reservations is Sunday April 2. Payment in advance is preferred.
Due to our obligation to our caterer, cancellations received after April 4 will still be responsible for payment in full.

Please e-mail reservations to:
Laura Weiss at:

Mail payment to:
525 Central Avenue, suite L8
Great Falls, MT 59401

Stephen Boyd and Colleen Lemon will be our Seder leaders, and they are working hard to create a multi-media extravaganza. We will be using a modified version of the Maxwell House Haggadah. The places highlighted in purple will be omitted.

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