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On behalf of Major General A.C. Roper, Commander, 76th Division, United States
Army Reserve, you are invited to attend a ceremony in honor of Colonel Douglas
A. Cherry on the occasion of his promotion to Brigadier General.

Please follow the link below to view your invitation and RSVP.

COL Cherry’s Promotion Ceremony: January 6th, at 2:00pm

**If you are unable to click on the link please copy and paste the address
into your web browser.

For information regarding this event please contact the protocol officer; Mrs.
Pauliese Litnak at (801) 656-3400 or

Very Respectfully,
Mrs. Pauliese A. Litnak
CIV, Executive Administrative Assistant
76th Division (Operational Response)
Office: 801.656.3413
BB: 910.850.1355


Please mark your calendars for the upcoming board meeting on Sunday afternoon, September 20, at 2:00 P.M. at the Washington School building, 1015 First Avenue North. Everyone is welcome. We are planning to have Rabbi Ruz Gulko come back as many times as we can afford it this coming year, so we will be selecting dates for her visits. This would also be a good time to pay or increase your membership commitment to Aitz Chaim. As our membership decreases, each of your donated dollars becomes increasingly more important to us and to the sustaining of our current programs or the establishment of new ones.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to be part of the ongoing history of the Aitz Chaim community, and to secure our legacy for those coming after us.


The summer has just begun, but before you know it, it will be over and the High Holidays will be here. We will be bringing Rabbi Ruz back to Great Falls for High Holy Day services!

Our Jewish community could use your financial help to make that happen.  How about we have some fun at the same time!  Aitz Chaim will publicize your High Holiday greetings to the community online in the Ram’s Horn. We will offer two sizes, one business-card sized greeting for $18.00, and a larger size for $36.00.

Contact Joy at to reserve your personalized greeting now!


At the most recent Aitz Chaim board meeting, it was decided to schedule a cemetery cleanup night on Tuesday, June 23, at 6:00 P.M. Anyone who can come is encouraged to bring a lawn mower to mow the grass or a weed eater to edge around the stones. If you do not have or cannot bring a mower or a weed eater, please bring food. Everyone is encouraged to come. Many hands make light work.


Voting was held at the Break The Fast potluck following Neilah. the results were as follows:

  • Bruce breslauer, re-elected first vice President
  • Aaron Weissman, re-elected Treasurer
  • Nadyne Weissman, re-elected Secretary
  • Helen Cherry, re-elected Board Member

So the complete slate of officers up for election were re-elected.
Thank you for your participation.


Aitz Chaim Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday, 9/28 at 2pm at Celtic Cowboy

Attending were board members Aaron, Laura, Stephen, and Helen, and Joy, Aitz Chaim coeditor. We thought that the change in venue to a fun restaurant like the Celtic Cowboy was a good idea. However, it turned out that they have live music on Sunday afternoons, which was an impediment to our discussion. We thought another location for future meetings would be preferable.

  • 1) Accepted as submitted. However, an additional $650 was still payable to HUC from the rabbi program last year. That check will be sent this week, reducing the income from last year to $200. We noted that the income from the Passover seder was $200, and that profit was almost entirely due to guests and non-members attending the Seder. We decided to continue inviting a smaller group of non-members and guests to the Seder, as long as the majority of attendees are Jewish.

    Bethel Lutheran Church is having a building fund and intends to make significant changes to our space, including moving our storage area in the building to an interior wall that will not be as subject to outside cold. We decided to double our annual rent for the year and send Bethel an additional $350. We did this with the understanding that our total income for last year was only $200.

    We agreed to continue having the Seder at Clark and Lewies. Due to congregational schedules, we decided to have the seder this year on 4/3/15 (First night) to avoid a conflict with the Showdown Mannequin Jump, which Aaron, Steve and Max are committed to attending. If the Thares are unavailable, we thought that Tuesday, 4/7/15 would be an acceptable alternative evening. Hanna, Sarah and Max have been asked to lead the seder this year.


  • 1) We discussed the desire for a fence at the Mt. Olivet cemetery, and what the congregation might do to facilitate it.

    2) We discussed upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery, and some possible changes concerning future burials there.

    3) What is the correct amount to charge for burials at Eaton Road? We thought that $500.00 was a number which will allow us some funds for ongoing maintenance of the cemetery.

    4) Max Weissman’s eagle project will likely be this Spring, and he would like to do fence repairs at the Eaton Road cemetery, as well as graveling in a parking area, and perhaps the road.

  • HANNUKAH PARTY: We will check with Stuart to find out if he will still host it, and dates that will work.
  • 1) Rabbi Meriam will come during the weekend of November 21, 2014.

    2) We will not schedule a March service this year due to costs and lack of attendance; however, we will try to have a Friday night Purim party and/or movie night in March. We would like this to be on 3/6/15.

    3) We would like to have a Shavuos weekend during the weekend of 5/23/15. If Meriam is not available, perhaps we could ask Ruz to return.

  • EMPTY SLOT ON BOARD: We agreed to keep this slot open while we wait for a member to ask to join the board.


Now, here’s your chance. As an Aitz Chaim board member, you can lend your voice to decisions that are made by the Board concerning this congregation, and Jewish life in general in this community. You will have a chance to get together with other passionate Jews and discuss and make decisions that directly affect you now and in the future. Topics before the Board typically include such things as the upcoming schedule for services, upkeep of the cemetery, holiday planning, and annual budget concerns. Any congregation member is encouraged to attend board meetings as a spectator, but imagine yourself being an actual participant in making decisions about matters directly affecting your Jewish life in Great Falls. You could go down in Aitz Chaim history.

The Board members who are up for re-election for two-year terms are vice president Bruce Breslauer, who has declined to run again; Treasurer Aaron Weissman, Secretary Nadyne Weissman, and board member Stuart Lewin. Elections are typically held between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and voting is done by secret ballot.

The next board meeting will be held on September 28, 2014, at 2:00 P.M. at the Celtic Cowboy, 116 1st Ave. S.

If you are considering running for election to the Aitz Chaim board, please let President Laura Weiss
or any other Board member know so that we can include your name on the ballot.


The cemetery cleanup will be on Tuesday, June 24. We’ll meet at the cemetery at 5:30 P.M. Anyone willing to bring a lawn mower, a weed eater, a shovel, a set of working muscles and a merry heart is welcome. We’ll make it an evening of comraderie along with some hard work, and perhaps go somewhere afterward for some liquid refreshment. Sorry for the short notice.

Adendum, submitted by Jerry Weissman: We went out to the cemetery this afternoon for cleanup and mowing. For the most part it is done and great congratulations are due for Aaron, Stephen, Marty and Nadyne who did the work.

Marty Foxman suggests that we have a followup cleanup and perhaps picnic and watch the full moon on July 12.


A board meeting of the Great Falls Hebrew Association (Aitz Chaim) was held at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday, June 1, at the Washington School. Following are some highlights of the meeting.

  • The Board discussed having a cemetery cleanup evening on Tuesday, June 24, starting at 5:30 P.M. Anyone wishing to bring a lawn mower, weed eater, shovel, salad, or a cold drink is welcome to come. After the cleanup, then we can have the stones that have been vandalized repaired.
  • We still have one more student rabbi visit left in our contract this year. Student Rabbi Bess Wohlner was not able to come back for another visit, so we are going to check into whether the next year’s student rabbi could come out the week end of July 25, since air fares are much less expensive in the summer. He or she may not be able to get here in time to do a Friday evening service, but we might do something Saturday morning the 26th and then a potluck that evening and perhaps something Sunday. We will let you know if such a thing materializes. This summer we may get together and do something socially as a community, with or without a student rabbi. We had thought we should do that more often anyway to strengthen our ties as a community, since we meet so few times a year and so irregularly now for religious services. Stephen Boyd offered to be our social events coordinator. We may even get together some time this winter to have a movie night. Stay tuned to your Ram’s Horn for further developments.
  • Next year the second night of Passover is Saturday, April 4. We had such a fun Passover Seder last year, with several people signing up at the last minute to make up for some that weren’t able to come. We will have next year’s Passover Seder at the same place, and it will be led by Sarah, Max, and Hannah. We’ll let you know more as it gets closer.

So the tentative calendar for upcoming events looks like this:

  • Tuesday, 06/24/2014, 5:30 P.M.: Cemetery cleanup and noshing.
  • The week end of 07/25-27/2014: Possible visit from next year’s student Rabbi, but we’ll plan to do something anyway. TBA
  • Wednesday, 09/24/2014: Erev Rosh Hashanah with Student Rabbi
  • Sunday, 09/28/2014: Annual Board meeting and election of board members and officers
  • Friday, 10/03/2014: Erev Yom Kippur with Student Rabbi
  • November: Possible visit from Student Rabbi TBA
  • Tuesday through the next Wednesday, 12/16-24/2014: Hannukah
  • Wednesday, 12/24/2014: Christmas at the Mercy Home
  • January and February: Possible social event(s) to be planned by our new social coordinator
  • 03/05/2015: Purim, and possible visit from Student Rabbi TBA
  • Friday through the next Saturday, 04/03-11/2015: Passover. Community Seder Saturday, 04/04/2015.
  • May: Possible visit from Student Rabbi TBA


EDITOR’S NOTE: These are a few highlights from the Treasurer’s report we will be discussing at the GFHA board meeting, to be held this Sunday, June 1, at 2:00 P.M. at Washington School. Any interested members are welcome to attend. Click on “Donate” to see how you can help.

* Thus far this year, I have only made 2 of our 3 scheduled payments to HUC for the Student Rabbi program. Even if we do not schedule the third shabbos visit for the year, we likely still owe HUC some of those funds (as we have scheduled 4 of 5 services, including the High Holy Days). The third payment we owe would be in the amount of 1,175. I request board guidance on how much of that to pay (of course, some of that would depend on whether or not we schedule a June service …)

* Thus far this year, we have received dues and other contributions (excluding seder) from 16 family units, totaling 4,844.50. If asked, I believe that some regular contributors to the congregation will give again this year. If all of those individuals give, we could achieve another 2,025 in donations. Receipt of those funds would allow us to have a break even year, even if we have to pay the full amount we owe to HUC.

* We had a fun and well attended Pesach seder this year. The seder provided net support to the congregation in the amount of 281.65. Much of this was due to a number of very last minute reservations from non-members.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you might have regarding this report.
Submitted by Aaron Weissman