The Shabbat Project was introduced in South Africa in 2013 to quite astonishing effect. On the Shabbat over which it ran, close to 70 percent of that country’s 75,000 Jews kept Shabbat to a more full degree, most for the first time in their lives.

Perhaps more significantly, the initiative drew people together in ways never seen before.

In the aftermath, many wrote in from around the world, wanting to bring the initiative to their own cities and communities. And so, The International Shabbat Project was born.

It has already been described as “an experiment that has no precedent in modern Jewish history,” and “the most ambitious Jewish unity initiative ever undertaken.”

In October 2016, over 1,000 cities in 90 countries held events, some with as many as 10,000 attendees. It is estimated that as many as 1,000,000 Jews participated in the numerous public and private celebrations of the Shabbat.

Congregation Beth Aaron has enrolled in this year’s The Shabbat Project. In addition to our Erev Shabbat Service and Oneg Shabbat Friday, October 27 and Shabbat Torah Study/Lunch-n-Learn Saturday, October 28, please join us for these other Shabbat morning and afternoon activities.

Friday, October 27, 2017, 8 Cheshvan, 5778:

  • 7:00 PM – SHIRIM UZ’MIROT/Songs and Hymns
  • 7:30 PM – KABBALAT SHABBAT/Welcoming the Sabbath
  • 8:45 PM – ONEG SHABBAT/Sabbath celebration

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 8 Cheshvan, 5778:

  • 9:00 AM – SHACHARIT L’SHABBAT/Sabbath Morning Service (No Torah service or D’VAR TORAH.)
  • 10:00 AM – Torah Study
  • 12:00 PM – Lunch-n-Learn (Non-hosted lunch; bring your own dairy or vegetarian selection.)
  • 5:00 PM – SEUDAH SHELISHIT/Third Sabbath meal (Hosted cheese pizza and salad.)
  • 6:00 PM – HAVDALAH/Separation of the Sabbath
  • Submitted by brian Schnitzer



    (Still time to put your city/town/county on the list!)

    Brian Schnitzer


    October 2017
    Help is Needed to Meet The Needs AT Great Falls Public Schools.

    East Middle School’s greatest need is mentorship for students who have either not had a positive adult role model in their lives, or feel abandoned by
    all their previous adults. They need adults who can check up on them regularly, and be a positive long-term adult presence in their lives. To volunteer,
    contact Brad Barringer at 268-6503.

    North Middle School’s greatest needs are Career Pathway interest volunteers and assistance paying for School lunches. The school has clubs every Thursday
    such as a Daycare Club, where they become certified for child care, and a Vet Tech Club, where they learn pet care. The School brings in partners from
    the community to teach them life and career skills. Skills like how to prepare and conduct themselves for a job interview. They are always looking for
    new careers to add. For more info or to volunteer, contact Tara Rosipal at 268-6530.

    United Way is sponsoring an effort, “Teaching 8th-graders about the workplace.” Volunteers are needed at North and East Middle Schools from 8 am to 2:45
    pm on Thursday, Oct 12. People can volunteer all day or for as little as 90 minutes.

    Upcoming Events-
    Salvation Army: Halloween Movie Night, October 27th, 6pm

    Christmas Assistance Program Application October 17th-18th
    Salvation Army Church, 1000 17th Ave S. 453-0391

    -YWCA: Parent Cafe (Kids welcome too), November 2, 5pm-7:30pm
    YWCA 220 2nd St. N. 452-1315 –

    Dandelion Foundation & Crime Stoppers: Human Trafficking Forum
    October 24th, 6:30pm-8pm
    Heritage Hall at Great Falls College MSU, 2100 16th Ave. S.

    Submitted by Stephen Boyd


    With school starting, calls will be coming in to exhibit the Holocaust posters. They cannot go out in the deplorable condition they are currently in. We have several choices.

    1. Come together at the Times Square Building and repair them. Those that are good at painting can paint. Those that are carpenters can help to restore the frames and the shipping crates.
    2. Pay to have them repaired.
    3. Store them somewhere, unrepaired. End of story.
    4. Sell them. End of responsibility. End of story.

    Maybe this should be on the board meeting agenda.


    EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry this is late. I just found it in my other email in box, the one I never check. I thought it was important enough to post here.

    September 19, 2017

    One hundred years ago, Lord Arthur Balfour stuns the world by issuing the Balfour Declaration stating that the British government supports the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people. This became the legal instrument making possible the State of Israel.

    At the same time in 1917, a few hundred miles away, two young men were reacquainted after serving in the same unit in the United States Armed Forces during World War I. When the war ends, they become business partners. Their names are Harry S. Truman and Eddie Jacobson.

    On July 20, 1944, Adolf Hitler is almost assassinated. He goes on radio to assure the German people that, “Fate has selected me for my mission.” It was to be the last time that Hitler ever spoke in public.

    On that same day, the Democrats gather to nominate Franklin Roosevelt for a fourth term. His cardiologist notifies his senior aids that he will only live for another year.

    Harry Truman does not want to be Vice President and, in fact, he is selected to nominate Jimmy Byrnes. But at Roosevelt’s insistence, he allows his name to be entered and, after decisively loosing the first ballot to the sitting VP, Henry Wallace, he miraculously wins the second ballot by a landslide.

    Nine months later, Roosevelt dies. Truman has little experience in foreign affairs, and is totally dependent on his Secretary of State, General George Marshall, who vehemently opposes a Jewish State.

    At this crucial moment, Truman’s partner, Eddie Jacobson, arrives uninvited in the Oval Office, passionately making the case for a Jewish State. In the end, Truman agrees, and tells Chaim Weitzman that when a State is declared he will recognize it.

    On Rosh Hashanah we are reminded that there is a G-d in the world, and though he lives in the heavens, he occasionally sends us emails and tweets, and only asks of us that we be sure to open them!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year,

    Rabbi Marvin Hier
    Founder & Dean
    Simon Wiesenthal Center

    Submitted by Jerry Weissman



    Yahrzeit memorials are listed by consecutive Gregorian month, date, and year, if known, or at the beginning of the list for one calendar year following the date of passing.

    Compiled by Aitz Chaim over many years, this list is maintained by the Ram’s Horn. Please send any corrections or additions to
    May the source of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort to all who are bereaved.

    Name of
    English Date of Passing Hebrew Date of Passing Deceased Relationship to
    Dorothy Meyer Aug 19, 2017 27 Av, 5777 Aunt of Diane Sherick
    Ann Belfert Aug 12, 2017 20 Av, 5777 Mother of Gail Belfert
    Lydia (Leah) Bailey Mar 31, 2017 3 Nissan, 5777 Mother of Karen (Chaya) Semple
    Sarah Lewin Mar 11, 5777 13 Adar, 5777 Mother of Rachel Michele Lewin Costaneda
    Sylvia Goldman Feb 23, 2017 27 Sch’vat, 5777 Grandmother of Cece Drew
    Mike Thorne Dec 17, 2016 17 Kislev, 5777 Relative of Alan Thorne
    Ann Cohn Oct 4, 1987 11 Tishrei, 5748 Mother of Arlyne Reichert
    Irving Fineman Oct 12, 1981 14 Tishrei, 5742 Father of Robert Fineman
    Vicki Sherick Hawkesworth Oct 12, 2013 9 Cheshvan, 5774 Daughter of Jack and Diane Sherick
    Roberto Naduris Oct 14, 1995 20 Tishrei, 5756 Husband of Susan Weissman
    Rose Gran Oct 14, 2014 20 Tishrei, 5775
    Carl Kotler Oct 15, 1993 30 Tishrei, 5754
    Hattye Oppenhemer Meyer Oct 16, 1968 24 Tishrei, 5729 Grandmother of Diane Sherick
    Pauline Nagel Oct 16, 2000 17 Tishrei, 5761 Mother of Meriam Nagel
    Robert Klotzman Oct 17, 1995 23 Tishrei, 5756
    Alex Barrett Oct 18, 1990 29 Tishrei, 5751 Father of Nadyne Weissman
    Marvin Langsam Oct 27, 2013 23 Cheshvan, 5774 Brother of Helen Cherry
    Celia Ross Oct 30, 1972 22 Cheshvan, 5733 Great-grandmother of Cece Drew
    Queenie Crombie Oct 30, 1992 3 Cheshvan, 5753 Mother of Arleen Heintzelman


    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rabbi Ruz will not be with us this year for Yom Kippur services. Wendy and Devorah will lead the services, and we will live stream Kol Nidre services with Rabbi Ed Staffman from Bozeman again like we did last year, hopefully with better results this time. If someone can coordinate with Aaron Weissman to lead a mid-afternoon discussion, that would be great. Otherwise, the schedule will be the same. Thank you for your understanding. Please make it a point to attend services at the Bethel if at all possible. We all wish Rabbi Ruz a speedy recovery, and a happy and healthy New Year.


    Todah Robah to the following congregation members for their hospitality to Rabbi Ruz Gulko over Yom Kippur week end.

    • Friday, 09/29/2017, Airport Pickup: Marty Foxman
    • Friday Evening, 09/29/2017, Dinner Hosts: Don and Helen Cherry

    Please bring a milchig (dairy) dish to share. Please let Helen or Nadyne know what you would like to bring via email,

    Hot dishes


    Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events.

    • Friday evening, 09/29/2017, 7:00 P.M.: Kol Nidre, led by Rabbi Ruz Gulko, at The Bethel.


    • Saturday, 09/30/2017, 10:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.: Yom Kippur Morning Services led by Rabbi Ruz Gulko at the Bethel.
    • Saturday afternoon, 09/30/2017, 12:00-3:00 P.M.: Break
    • Saturday afternoon, 09/30/2017, 3:00-4:00 P.M.: Discussion.
    • Saturday afternoon, 09/30/2017, 4:30-5:30 P.M.: Yizkor.
    • Saturday afternoon, 09/30/2017, 5:30-6:15 P.M.: Neilah.
    • Saturday evening, 09/30/2017, 6:30 P.M.: Break the Fast Potluck, traditionally dairy (milchig.) Please bring a dish to share.

    The address for the Bethel is 1009 18th Avenue Southwest. click here for map and directions.