Aitz Chaim Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday, 9/28 at 2pm at Celtic Cowboy

Attending were board members Aaron, Laura, Stephen, and Helen, and Joy, Aitz Chaim coeditor. We thought that the change in venue to a fun restaurant like the Celtic Cowboy was a good idea. However, it turned out that they have live music on Sunday afternoons, which was an impediment to our discussion. We thought another location for future meetings would be preferable.

  • 1) Accepted as submitted. However, an additional $650 was still payable to HUC from the rabbi program last year. That check will be sent this week, reducing the income from last year to $200. We noted that the income from the Passover seder was $200, and that profit was almost entirely due to guests and non-members attending the Seder. We decided to continue inviting a smaller group of non-members and guests to the Seder, as long as the majority of attendees are Jewish.

    Bethel Lutheran Church is having a building fund and intends to make significant changes to our space, including moving our storage area in the building to an interior wall that will not be as subject to outside cold. We decided to double our annual rent for the year and send Bethel an additional $350. We did this with the understanding that our total income for last year was only $200.

    We agreed to continue having the Seder at Clark and Lewies. Due to congregational schedules, we decided to have the seder this year on 4/3/15 (First night) to avoid a conflict with the Showdown Mannequin Jump, which Aaron, Steve and Max are committed to attending. If the Thares are unavailable, we thought that Tuesday, 4/7/15 would be an acceptable alternative evening. Hanna, Sarah and Max have been asked to lead the seder this year.


  • 1) We discussed the desire for a fence at the Mt. Olivet cemetery, and what the congregation might do to facilitate it.

    2) We discussed upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery, and some possible changes concerning future burials there.

    3) What is the correct amount to charge for burials at Eaton Road? We thought that $500.00 was a number which will allow us some funds for ongoing maintenance of the cemetery.

    4) Max Weissman’s eagle project will likely be this Spring, and he would like to do fence repairs at the Eaton Road cemetery, as well as graveling in a parking area, and perhaps the road.

  • HANNUKAH PARTY: We will check with Stuart to find out if he will still host it, and dates that will work.
  • 1) Rabbi Meriam will come during the weekend of November 21, 2014.

    2) We will not schedule a March service this year due to costs and lack of attendance; however, we will try to have a Friday night Purim party and/or movie night in March. We would like this to be on 3/6/15.

    3) We would like to have a Shavuos weekend during the weekend of 5/23/15. If Meriam is not available, perhaps we could ask Ruz to return.

  • EMPTY SLOT ON BOARD: We agreed to keep this slot open while we wait for a member to ask to join the board.

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  1. Joy Breslauer on behalf of Elliott Magalnick

    For Your Information: I bought a cemetary plot a few years ago in Aurora, CO at Mt Nebo Cemetary which I hope to leave vacant for many years, but it cost me $3000. The plot itself was $1300 and $1700 was for perpetual maintenance. Just a suggestion to you to use as a guideline in your dealings up there. Shona Tova
    Elliott Magalnick

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