A board meeting of the Great Falls Hebrew Association (Aitz Chaim) was held at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday, June 1, at the Washington School. Following are some highlights of the meeting.

  • The Board discussed having a cemetery cleanup evening on Tuesday, June 24, starting at 5:30 P.M. Anyone wishing to bring a lawn mower, weed eater, shovel, salad, or a cold drink is welcome to come. After the cleanup, then we can have the stones that have been vandalized repaired.
  • We still have one more student rabbi visit left in our contract this year. Student Rabbi Bess Wohlner was not able to come back for another visit, so we are going to check into whether the next year’s student rabbi could come out the week end of July 25, since air fares are much less expensive in the summer. He or she may not be able to get here in time to do a Friday evening service, but we might do something Saturday morning the 26th and then a potluck that evening and perhaps something Sunday. We will let you know if such a thing materializes. This summer we may get together and do something socially as a community, with or without a student rabbi. We had thought we should do that more often anyway to strengthen our ties as a community, since we meet so few times a year and so irregularly now for religious services. Stephen Boyd offered to be our social events coordinator. We may even get together some time this winter to have a movie night. Stay tuned to your Ram’s Horn for further developments.
  • Next year the second night of Passover is Saturday, April 4. We had such a fun Passover Seder last year, with several people signing up at the last minute to make up for some that weren’t able to come. We will have next year’s Passover Seder at the same place, and it will be led by Sarah, Max, and Hannah. We’ll let you know more as it gets closer.

So the tentative calendar for upcoming events looks like this:

  • Tuesday, 06/24/2014, 5:30 P.M.: Cemetery cleanup and noshing.
  • The week end of 07/25-27/2014: Possible visit from next year’s student Rabbi, but we’ll plan to do something anyway. TBA
  • Wednesday, 09/24/2014: Erev Rosh Hashanah with Student Rabbi
  • Sunday, 09/28/2014: Annual Board meeting and election of board members and officers
  • Friday, 10/03/2014: Erev Yom Kippur with Student Rabbi
  • November: Possible visit from Student Rabbi TBA
  • Tuesday through the next Wednesday, 12/16-24/2014: Hannukah
  • Wednesday, 12/24/2014: Christmas at the Mercy Home
  • January and February: Possible social event(s) to be planned by our new social coordinator
  • 03/05/2015: Purim, and possible visit from Student Rabbi TBA
  • Friday through the next Saturday, 04/03-11/2015: Passover. Community Seder Saturday, 04/04/2015.
  • May: Possible visit from Student Rabbi TBA

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  1. Great job, Joy. I am going to use some of this for the official minutes. You took better notes than I did. Thank you

  2. Joy, thank you for such a well written and informative article!

    Looking forward to our meeting at the cemetery. We will have two lawn mowers and weedeaters there. Anyone that can bring tools, shovels, etc. to help, please do so. Everyone should also bring work gloves.


  3. I am unable to help with cemetery clean-up as I am in SF until July 5, but want to thank everyone who helps out. stuart

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