EDITOR’S NOTE: These are a few highlights from the Treasurer’s report we will be discussing at the GFHA board meeting, to be held this Sunday, June 1, at 2:00 P.M. at Washington School. Any interested members are welcome to attend. Click on “Donate” to see how you can help.

* Thus far this year, I have only made 2 of our 3 scheduled payments to HUC for the Student Rabbi program. Even if we do not schedule the third shabbos visit for the year, we likely still owe HUC some of those funds (as we have scheduled 4 of 5 services, including the High Holy Days). The third payment we owe would be in the amount of 1,175. I request board guidance on how much of that to pay (of course, some of that would depend on whether or not we schedule a June service …)

* Thus far this year, we have received dues and other contributions (excluding seder) from 16 family units, totaling 4,844.50. If asked, I believe that some regular contributors to the congregation will give again this year. If all of those individuals give, we could achieve another 2,025 in donations. Receipt of those funds would allow us to have a break even year, even if we have to pay the full amount we owe to HUC.

* We had a fun and well attended Pesach seder this year. The seder provided net support to the congregation in the amount of 281.65. Much of this was due to a number of very last minute reservations from non-members.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you might have regarding this report.
Submitted by Aaron Weissman

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