• Where: Old Synagogue in Helena, 555 N. Ewing, directly across from the Cathedral
  • When: Sunday, 09/19/2021, 2:00PM
  • Meet in the Smiths parking lot in the back by the gas station at noon to carpool or caravan
  • For anyone that would like a tour of the old and maybe soon to be new synagogue in Helena, I have arranged for Aitz Chaim to tour the facilities THIS SUNDAY 9/19 at 2 PM. I think we should either caravan or carpool. Should we meet maybe in the Smith’s parking lot at noon? In the back near the gas station maybe a good place to meet and/or leave cars. Should be a fun few hours to see the synagogue. If you want to let me know you are coming that would be great so I can give them a tentative head count. Email me at or text me at 868-5712. Hope to see you there!

    Thank you!!!

    From Rebecca Stanfel

    I just wanted to add a couple of details for the Great Falls group to have. First, Ellen Baumler—Montana’s historian who knows more about Helena’s historic Jewish community than probably anyone (and who wrote the applications and signs for National Register of Historic Places for both the synagogue and the Home of Peace cemetery)— has offered her time to join us. After the building tour, she’s willing to do a modified version of her popular “Historic Helena” tour, focusing on the historic Jewish homes in the neighborhood and the stories of the people who lived there. She’s got some great stories.

    After this, I was wondering if folks would like to gather outside on our deck for some simple snacks (crackers and cheese) and drinks before making the drive home. I would love the opportunity to meet with our closest Jewish congregation neighbors.

    We’re very excited you all are coming. No matter how small the group, it means a lot to us.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person!

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