I hope you are well.

I would like to let you know about an opportunity which is available through the POLIN Museum in Warsaw

Mary Seidler, is the international coordinator for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign that is put on each year by POLIN Museum

She would like communities/synagogues/centers/organizations/schools to participate in their 78th commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The uprising took place originally on April 19th, 1943, and for years POLIN Museum has been instrumental in commemorating, and encouraging communities globally to take a moment to remember this piece of Holocaust history. Click this link to learn more about the campaign:

The campaign takes place on the 19th of April each year, and they commemorate the Uprising in several meaningful ways. Their campaign was established to not only commemorate the bravery of those who arose for dignity in the Warsaw Ghetto, but also to address the rise in anti-Semitism today.

Please contact Mary for more information:
They ask all who wish to join this campaign to post a selfie with their daffodil on social media on 19 April, and stand in solidarity with us in Warsaw. Get a FREE daffodil now: | Tutorial:

Why the daffodil? The daffodil is the official symbol of the campaign. One of the last fighters to survive the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Marek Edelman used to lay yellow flowers, such as daffodils at the memorial to the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto on the anniversary of the Uprising. This inspired what we do each year on this day, pass out paper daffodils all over Warsaw. These daffodils represent our campaign, and are also a reminder to help fight against anti-Semitism today.

When I am on the March of the Living, I distribute daffodils from POLIN to my delegation and we learn about Marek Edelman and visit his grave in the Warsaw Cemetery.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.


Marcia Tatz Wollner
Director, Western Region March of the Living

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