EDITOR’S NOTE: We received word today that Bruce’s sister Kathryn (Kay) Payne died last night at the age of 87, after a long illness. She was a wonderful lady.

The following is an excerpt from a lovely email sent to the family by Roland, her husband of sixty years.

During these last few years, I’ve become more conscious of what a wonderful woman she was. She raised three really nice boys, volunteered a lot of time supporting them in their sports and school work; she enjoyed her grandchildren; she got along well with all her daughters-in-law; she volunteered for several community activities and was recognized as the Volunteer of the Year jointly for Los Altos and Los Altos Hills; she and five other ladies initiated the Art Docent Program for the Los Altos elementary schools that continues even now, and incidentally helped form the Leo Group of good friends that still do things together; she was an art docent for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco for some 35 years, receiving the 2012 McNeil Volunteer Award from their Board of Directors; was an all-around good lady; she loved me through 60 years of marriage.

We’ve been lucky to have been with her all these years. In addition to the above, she always had time for us.

Stay well and happy, Roland

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