Dearest Members,

Here is an opportunity to send a card and share healing prayers.

Hadassah life member from Butte, Callie Oulman, and her husband Claude, were in a bad car accident in Butte two days ago. Callie ended up with a broken arm and Claude ended up in the ICU and yesterday was life flighted to Portland. Their daughter Allie Jolly said they would very much appreciate any thoughts and prayers and cards, which can be sent to the Oulmans at

649 South Montana Street,
Butte, MT 59701.

Please feel free to write even if you’ve never met them and tell them you are a fellow Hadassah member and that we are very much holding them in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Nancy Oyer
Hadassah Montana

HADASSAH NEWS by Montana Hadassah
PO Box 204
Butte, Montana 59702 USA

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