Rabbi Yanai: “whoever learns Torah from [only] one Rabbi will never find blessing in his study” (b. Avodah Zarah 19).

Rabbi Yannai (or Rabbi Jannai; Hebrew: רבי ינאי‎) was a Jewish sage, living during the first half of the 3rd century, and of the first generation of the Amora sages of the Land of Israel. He was a disciple of R. Judah haNasi – the sealer of the Mishnah. R. Yannai founded a Beth Midrash that was located near Safed in the Upper Galile, where he taught the Torah, and at the same time served as a dayan, religious judge, in the Beth Din, rabbinical court for the Sepphoris community.

His name is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud 176 times, and in the Jerusalem Talmud 254 times.


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Congregation Beth Shalom’s Torah Study – Coveting & Craving
Sat, Aug 1, 9:30 am | 2 hr 30 min
Denver (Mountain Daylight Time, GMT-06:00)
Host: Congregation Beth Shalom

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