Greetings, Aitz Chaim congregants and friends.

I trust you have had a wonderful hot summer. One of the highlights of mine was spending two weeks in Billings with my daughter and her three kids and two of my dearest friends. One of my dearest friends was one of my neighbors in Billings, and we had kids of similar ages so we “adopted” each other’s kids. The wife ran a daycare out of her home which I took advantage of when I worked days, and I watched her kids and often fixed dinner for us all during the gap between the time she went to work as a waitress and the time her husband came home from work. When their kids grew up and left home, the parents decided to revive an old dream which they had b.k. (before kids), and “run away from home” and become team truck drivers and see the country, which they have been doing for five or six years now. I picked my vacation to coincide with a time when they would be home for a couple of weeks. Both my husband and my son said I’m not allowed to take vacations alone anymore. I got a kick out of that. That probably won’t stop me, though.

With the High Holidays fast approaching, this is a good time to renew or increase your dues to Aitz Chaim. For more information or to fill out a donation form, please click here Thank you for making this a priority in your life.

Last year, we had a meet-the-new-student-rabbi potluck at the Bethel before services. Do we want to do something like that again?

Does anyone have a recipe or anything else they would like to contribute to the upcoming issue or any issue of the Ram’s Horn? This is your newsletter, and as one of the editors I would rather not see it degenerate into just a calendar of events and an old joke repository. Thanks in advance for all your moral support and your contributions.

Looking forward to another happy and sweet new year for Aitz Chaim.

Shana Tova
Joy Breslauer

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  1. Nadyne Weissman

    I’m not sure I remember what we did last year. It is a nice idea to meet the Rabbi prior to services. A potluck before services? Are we talking Erev Rosh Hashanah services?

    • That was my question, but I realize it is on a busy week day evening so it may not be practical. When we did it last year it was on a Saturday.

  2. Joy; Thank you for all your work as our Editor! Keep up the good work.

    The Weissmans are up for whatever the congregation decides to do for Erev Rosh Hashanah. It is a work and school day (Wednesday) this year.

    L’Shana Tova,


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