EDITOR’S NOTE: Since we are having a visit from Student Rabbi Miriam Farber this week end, I thought I’d include this little informational tidbit.

After Sabbath services were over, Rabbi Cohen is met at the shul door by Golda and her young son Sheldon.

“Rabbi,” says Golda, “I’m sorry my Sheldon was so noisy during your sermon.”
“That’s OK, Golda,” says Rabbi Cohen. “Rabbis are also parents and we understand the problem. But do tell me: how you managed to get him to keep quiet.”

“It was quite easy rabbi,” replies Golda. “Fifteen minutes into your sermon, I leaned over to Sheldon and whispered in his ear, ‘Sheldon, listen to me carefully. If you don’t stop making such a noise, Rabbi Cohen is going to lose his place in his sermon, and if he looses his place, he will have to start his sermon all over again!’

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