Bruce Breslauer received the Rehabilitation Award of the Year for 2012 from the Montana Association of Rehabilitation conference he attended in West Yellowstone from Wednesday, October 24 to Friday, October 26. This award was given to Bruce Breslauer “in Recognition of His Contribution To the Improvement of the Lives of Persons with Disabilities”.

Bruce began working for the Department of Blind and Low Vision Services as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist trainee in June, 2006. While working a full time job, he obtained two Masters Degrees from Western Michigan University, one as a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and one as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist. This gives him a total of four Masters degrees. He was promoted to regional manager of the Great Falls office in July of 2010.

Many letters of recommendation were submitted by his coworkers, and copies of them were given to Bruce in both print and Braille. Here are some excerpts from those letters:

” … Bruce exemplifies the quality of an outstanding, dedicated leader, who possesses personal integrity and a thoughtful, communicative style. I am an ardent admirer of his giving spirit, talents, and gifts, as well as the poise he radiates no matter how demanding or pressing the situation. … If I ever need inspiration I think of Bruce, and I personally feel that if I have a problem I can go to him and it will stay with him. In addition to his many other qualities, Bruce’s sense of humor often gives clients as well as fellow employees a reason to smile. His knowledge of not only important things but random trivia is truly amazing. I have often said that I would pick Bruce to be my “lifeline” if I were ever on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”

From another letter: We all appreciate his honesty and direct approach. … He listens patiently to our input, takes our suggestions seriously, and will help us implement ideas we present. … The staff in Great Falls uses him daily as a reference book. He encourages school and learning. He is the most approachable person I have ever known.

“He is never too busy to take a call from an employee, a client, or someone from the general public who may have a question or need guidance. He has great patience with the elderly in the Older Blind program, yet can easily switch to a conversation with a young person talking about starting school and a career. … He is fearless in his travels and encourages others to explore their possibilities and their capabilities. He gladly participates in presentations and meetings … including television appearances, although sometimes I think it is really Glendale they want to see.

“Bruce’s calm, strong leadership has coalesced the Great Falls BLVS staff into a content and collaborative unit that works together as a team toward good outcomes for our clients. It is a pleasure to work with and for him.” .

And another comment from another letter: ” … He gives his advice, support, and knowledge to all who ask him. He has people contacting him from all over the country from time to time for his opinions. This shows his fairness and compassion for all he serves. … He makes each of us feel like we matter and that he values our input.”

You all know that as his wife, your friendly newsletter editor is probably not the most objective person on this planet, but I think that Bruce’s receiving this award is a wonderful affirmation of the qualities I see in him, some of which are the result of letting his Jewish faith inform the attitude he has toward the people he works with and the decisions he makes in his daily life. It’s nice to see those characteristics recognized by others.

Mazal Tov, Bruce.

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  1. Mazel Tov Bruce! What great news! Well deserved.

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