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Spotlight on Passover from the URJ

Spotlight on Passover

This month, the URJ highlights resources related to Passover. Find recipes, activities, and more, plan your congregational programming, read Passover stories on our blog, or submit your own to

Passover Show & Tell
Be part of the conversation! We want to hear – and see – how you celebrate Passover! What toppings do you put on your matzah? What’s the best part of your seder? Gefilte fish: yea or nay? Tweet us with the hashtag #LetMyPeopleShow or tune in to Facebook, for polls, photo prompts, & more.

Rabbi Victor S. Appell
Congregational Marketing Director
Union for Reform Judaism



For Aitz Chaim’s high school students, choosing a college is a big decision, from finding the right school, to getting into their dream school, to financial aid.

Let the RJ help!

Reform Judaism, the world’s largest circulated Jewish magazine (and a URJ publication free to members of affiliated congregations), has partnered with Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, in creating The RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life. This guide (you can also click on the cover to start reading) is a great place to begin or further your students’ search for the right college and help answer some of those big questions. Help your students learn about schools with the 60 largest Jewish communities, top 20 by percentage of Jews, active local Reform/Egalitarian services, Jewish studies majors and so much more, including:

  • Getting In: What the Experts Say
  • How to Grow as a Jew, Your Way
  • Financial Aid: Secrets of Success

The Guide is available both digitally, at and in print, in the center section of Reform Judaism magazine’s Fall 2012 edition, reaching homes now.

With our warmest wishes for a new year filled with sweetness,

Joy Weinberg, Managing Editor

Reform Judaism magazine