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Our Cemetery Has an Entrance Road!!

Max Weissman and Boy Scout Troop 26 completed building an entrance road for the Eaton Road Jewish Cemetery this afternoon (10/10/15) as his Eagle Project.  The road should now be nice and level for those that want to visit the cemetery.

Tomorrow morning, October 11 at 10am, a number of us are going to gather at the cemetery to bury old prayer books.  The boys of the Troop prepared a nice area for the book burial.  If you would like to participate in the book burial, please make a point to arrive at the cemetery no later than 10am.

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From the National Jewish Committee on Scouting.


NJCOS-Logo-CircleRWhy not come to the Eaton Road Cemetery October 10-11 around ten A.M. and help Max Weissman with his Eagle Scout project, graveling about 200 feet of the road to the old cemetery? This will be a monumental project. We want to get this done before the snow flies, or at least before the frost freezes the ground too hard.

We will also need to mow and weed the area so that the road can be properly leveled. Anyone with a mower or a weed whacker or a burning desire to run one would be most welcome to help with this project.

Another way to help is to donate towards the purchase of the gravel, which will be approximately $700.00.

We also have several old Siddurim that we no longer use that we could bury during the project. If you have anything else that you would like to bury properly, bring it with you or let us know. We will aim to do this on Sunday the 11th.

Another option for helping with this project is to provide food or drink for those doing the work.

There are two cemeteries in the Great Falls area where Jews are buried, one older than the other. The staff of Mount Olivet Cemetery has the responsibility of taking perpetual care of the graves of the persons, including the Jews, who are buried there. The Aitz Chaim Community takes responsibility for the perpetual care of the graves of the Jews buried in the Eaton Road Cemetery.

We will let you know more as the plans for this project become finalized. Thank you in advance for your help.

Photos from GF Cemetery Cleanup in June, 2014

Eaton Road Jewish Cemetery, South of Great Falls

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take some photos at the historic Jewish Cemetery near Eaton Road.

This Summer, I propose that our congregation have a work party day there. Between road access, the fence, crumbling monuments, etc., we could make a very positive impact in this cemetery, which our congregation has managed since the early 1910s.