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EDITOR’S NOTE: These are not the full minutes.  They can be requested from any board member or from Nadyne.

ELECTIONS: Board members whose terms are up are Helen, Steve & Laura.  They have each agreed to stand for re-election.   During Rosh Hashanah, an announcement will be made asking if there is anyone else interested in running for the Board.  Ballots will be made and distributed on Rosh Hashanah.  Only GFHA members will get ballots.  Voting will continue through Yom Kippur, at which time all ballots will be collected and tabulated by Nadyne. If a member needs a ballot, please contact Nadyne by email  or through the web site.

CEMETERY POLICY:  Laura sent around some ideas of what is acceptable for Reform policies for the Jewish section of the Mount Olivet cemetery:  She will send it around again so that we can review the suggested policy and add to it if necessary.  Laura signed and sent the agreement to Mount Olivet officials, so we have a fully signed agreement with them for our portion of the cemetery. Laura will get a copy for our files.

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