I hope everyone had) a nice Thanksgiving!

Now THAT Thanksgiving is behind us, we need to start thinking about staffing the Mercy Home for Christmas. For those of you not familiar with this tradition, our Jewish community staffs the mercy home (women’s domestic violence shelter) from 2 PM Christmas Eve through 5 PM Christmas Day to give the staff time with their families. Of course they are on call if an emergency comes up but typically it is just manning the phones, helping kids open presents, helping them prepare a nice Christmas dinner, and letting people in and out to take a cigarette break. It is fairly easy and a good deed that we do to let the staff have a day off. If you are new and want a training, we can do that to make sure you are familiar with the alarm system, key system, etc.

Here are the shifts:

  • 12/24, 5-8pm:
  • 12/24, 8-11pm: If we can’t fill this one we can just set the alarm at 8 PM and go home. That is what we did last year.
  • 12/25, 8-11am: This person will open up with a key and alarm code which they will get ahead of time.
  • 12/25, 11am-2pm:
  • 12/25, 2-5pm:

If anyone is available to help, please text or call wendy at (406) 868-5712 or email

I will need to get a list of volunteers to the mercy home ahead of time and arrange any training that anyone may need.

Thank you and happy Holidays!


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