Dear All,

The fun opportunity to build a cookbook (as a fundraiser for our Hadassah Region) is still ongoing. The deadline to submit a recipe has been extended and the email address for submitting the recipes has been updated to desertmountain@hadassah.org Thanks Nadyne Weissman from Great Falls for submitting a recipe. Who else will join Nadyne?


The Desert Mountain Hadassah Region Cookbook will be “sold” for $25 and emailed to those who purchase it, so there will be no production costs.

How to participate:
1. Please submit a recipe with a story. For example, you could submit a recipe with a “Dor v’ Dor” – “from Generation to Generation” – type story, such as, “This fruit pie recipe was from my amazing mother who made this every Shabbos. When we traveled to Bainbridge Island every year for summer vacation, I would make this and my kids loved it.”
2. Recipes can be in any category: Appetizers, lite meals, breakfast, dinner, veggies, desserts, special holiday meals, miscellaneous!
3. Please submit easy recipes!
4. Please include a selfie or another picture of your choosing. If the recipe is from your Mom for example, please include a picture of your Mom, or of the two of you together.
5. Please email the recipe and photos to desertmountain@hadassah.org by August 16

PO Box 204
Butte, Montana 59702 USA

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