Yahrzeit memorials are listed by consecutive Hebrew month, date, and year, if known, or at the beginning of the list for one calendar year following the date of passing.

Compiled by Aitz Chaim over many years, this list is maintained by the Ram’s Horn. Please send any corrections or additions to editor@aitzchaim.com
May the source of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort to all who are bereaved.

Name of
Hebrew Date of Passing Deceased Relationship to
Gary Ray Holsclaw 11 Iyyar, 5780 Son of Arleen Heintzelman
Charlotte Weiss 30 Kislev, 5780 Mother of Laura Weiss
Heidi Jan Berger 26 Tamuz, 5779 Ex-wife of Tom Berger, Wife of William Franklin Raley, Mother of Polly Lorien and Jake Berger
Blanche Stoll Gulko 9 Tamuz, 5779 Mother of Rabbi Ruz Gulko
Sigmund Oppenheimer Meyer 4 Sivan, 5746 Father of Diane Sherick
Ann Magalnick 9 Sivan, 5747 Mother of Elliot Magalnick
Samuel Thall 9 Sivan, 5752 Father of Terry Thall
Rhoda Barrett 14 Sivan, 5760 Cousin of Nadyne Weissman
Bette Weissman

16 Sivan, 5770 Grandmother of David Weissman, mother of Jeff Weissman, Patricia Philipps, Ted Weissman, Sally Weissman and Gale Rietmann
Zollie Kelman 20 Sivan, 5768 Husband of Evelyn Kelman
Claire Hochfeld Meyer 22 Sivan, 5718 Mother of Diane Sherick
Al Nagel 22 Sivan, 5770 Uncle of Meriam Nagel
Regan Holsclaw 23 Sivan, 5730 Son of Arleen Heintzelman
Charles Cohn 25 Sivan, 5690 Father of Arlyne Reichert
Elsie Dorman 25 Sivan, 5764 Aunt of Marjorie Feldman
Minnie Goldberg 27 Sivan, 5743 Grandmother of Jerry Weissman and Robert Fineman
Miriam Foxman 29 Sivan, 5774 Mother of Marty Foxman

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