Will We Be Having Our Seder?
To the tune of “Will you still love me tomorrow” by Carole King and Jerry Goffin

I’m feeling grumpy and grouchy
So tell me please, Dr. Fauci,
Can my friends come for matzah and maror?
Will we be having our Seder?

Is there a Pesach exemption
So we can mark our redemption?
And must Elijah stay outside my door?
Will we be having our Seder?

I should be shopping for brisket.
I should clean up my dining room.
But I’m not sure I should risk it.
Would a night with my crowd spell doom?

I know we have to be wary
In times so scrambled and scary.
So tell me now what April has in store.
Will we be having our Seder?

Lyrics by Barbara Sarshik, Copyright 2020

You’ll find many more songs, along with a complete Seder songbook, at http://www.passoversongparodies.com. All of these songs are freely available. Share them with your family, friends, and religious congregations. Make copies for everyone at your Seder and post them on social media. Happy Pesach, everyone! Barbara Sarshik

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