EDITOR’S NOTE: From an email sent to Jerry Weissman today from Natalie Fisher Guerin.

Jason just moved back to Shelby. He was between jobs in Boston and certainly no one is hiring now. I really pushed for him to get out of Boston. I fear that when folks who live paycheck to paycheck have no money, no food and people they love start dying, there will be riots in the streets. Of course he could have come to me but he has a much better chance of getting a job when this is all over in Montana. So Don rented a big vehicle, drove to Boston, packed him up and they just got back yesterday. I am so relieved.

David and family are fine in Virginia – actually Debbie had the virus but has recovered. She stayed at home, was sick 3-4 days but then the fever and cough stopped and she got her energy level back. By the time they were notified that her test was positive, she had already recovered.

Please feel free to update our friends in Great Falls that Jason is back in Shelby. Once the virus is over, he’ll figure out what’s next – if he wants to stay in Montana or where he’ll go – obviously where he can get a job. For now, he’s safe and that’s what I care about, of course.

Give my love to your family and all our extended family in Great Falls,


Submitted by Jerry Weissman

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