From: Montana Hadassah
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2020 10:58 AM

Dear All,

Please see the following two letters from Region and National.
Yours in health,
Nancy Oyer
Montana Hadassah

From: Roni Ogin
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 1:43 PM

Dear Hadassah Region Board Members,

It is with deep regret that I am writing to let you know that the Region Board Meeting and Training scheduled for April 25-27 in Las Vegas is being indefinitely postponed. This has been a difficult decision for all involved. We are looking at the possibility of rescheduling in late May, but no one can yet predict how the COVID-19 virus will play out. As events unfold, we will continue to make decisions that protect the health of our members. We also will look into virtual meetings.

Hadassah is committed to protecting and promoting our members health and safety in the face of COVID-19 concerns, particularly as they relate to members in a compromised category and the need to to minimize risk. I am including the letter from Rhoda Smolow, Hadassah’s National President regarding the cancellation of “all national in-person meetings” through the end of April. I just received clarification that a Region meeting is considered a National meeting and therefore must be postponed. As for Chapter events, please stay abreast of CDC warnings and guidelines and adhere to them as they pertain to your upcoming events. Your local county health department should also be a good source of informaiton.

I know that many of you have already made plane reservations, paid your registration fee and booked the hotel. We will refund your registration fee over the next few weeks. We will be cancelling the hotel reservations under the block, so look for a cancellation notice. Meanwhile, please cancel your travel. Many airlines are allowing booked passengers to cancel or reuse the airfare, and many of you booked on Southwest, which offers a credit for your airfare for up to one year. If you still have out-of-pocket travel pockets, DMR will reimburse you. Please send the completed voucher (attached) and your receipt, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to Cathy Olswing, 3748 North Sabino Ridge Place, Tucson, AZ 85750. (Shawna has temporarily stepped down as Treasurer.)

I wish you all good health and good spirits as we navigate this difficult time. Each of you is important to me and your safety is my highest priority. I hope we see each other soon. Thank you for all you do on behalf of Hadassah.

Warm regards,


From: Rhoda Smolow
Sent: Monday, March 9, 2020 3:26 PM
Subject: Status of Corona Virus at Hadassah

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to assure you that Hadassah is deeply committed to the health and wellness of our community. Your safety is paramount to us and we have established procedures to ensure your well-being.

At this writing, the overall message from our government officials is that the health risk from COVID-19 is still considered low. However, we understand the discomfort that this rapidly changing situation has caused for all of us.

Please be advised that all national in-person meetings have been canceled through the end of April. When you are making decisions about local events, please check with your local department of health to see if there are any guidelines specific to your area and please err on the side of caution. In addition, all national travel has been canceled through the end of April. If your travel plans are not mission critical, please see if there are alternative ways to hold these meetings such as conference calls or through other virtual means.

In addition, we are setting up an e-mail hotline for employees and volunteers who think they may have been exposed to the coronavirus or who have questions about their personal situation related to the outbreak. Please e-mail: coronavirushotline@hadassah.org for this purpose. Of course, if you think you may have symptoms of the coronavirus, please contact your healthcare professional for instructions regarding your health.

Please know that we recognize the uncertainty felt by our members and volunteers and we are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will update you as necessary.

In the meantime, we appreciate your continued calm and cooperation in the face of this dynamic and unusual situation.

Rhoda Smolow Janice Weinman
National President CEO/Executive Director
The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc. The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.
40 Wall Street, 8th FL 40 Wall Street, 8th FL
New York, NY 10005 New York, NY 10005
T: 212-303-8220 T: 212-303-8011
F: 212-303-8282 F: 212-303-8282
hadassah.org hadassah.org

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