A MAJCo meeting has been planned for Sunday morning, October 20, during the upcoming Missoula Shabbaton.

It will begin sharply at 8:30 AM and last approximately 1 to 2 hours.

For those unable to attend in person but wishing to participate, they may join in online:
or by calling: (605) 313-6069
Access code: 857836
meeting ID: bchessin4

Anticipated agenda:

1. Introduction. Bert and Brian take a few minutes to bring people up to date on MAJCo. (5 min)

2. Congregational and Montana Jewish organizations (MAOR, Hadassah, other) summaries. (30 min)

3. CHANUKAH Menorah lighting plans. (5 min)

4. Financial summary (5 min)

5. Ideas on what communities and individuals want from MAJCo. BY-LAWS, annual gatherings, elections, dealing with political/social/security issues that directly affect congregations, minorities, etc. (30 min)

6. Other issues and announcements (10 min)

Submitted by Brian Schnitzer

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