EDITOR’S NOTE: Rabbi Mark Kula officiated at Dawn Schandelson’s memorial service and did a wonderful job. He and his wife and two children have just moved to Missoula from Miami, Florida. See the link below to learn more about him.

Rabbi Mark Kula

Rabbi Mark H. Kula Sermon Rosh Hashana Day 1

From The Miami Herald

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  1. I spent time with Rabbi Kula and his family, and I am thrilled to recommend him! They are a wonderful addition to our statewide Jewish community.

    Mark is a skilled and experienced rabbi and cantor, and his wife, Dr. Coreen Duffy, new Director of Choirs at the University Of Montana, is an accomplished leader of Jewish choral ensembles. Plus, they have gorgeous kids, ages 4 and 2!

    Gmar Chatimah Tovah to all.

    Laurie Franklin
    Spiritual Leader and Senior Rabbinic Intern
    Har Shalom/Missoula, MT

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