September 5, 2018

“As Israel prepares to celebrate the 5779th year of the Hebrew calendar, Israel’s population stands at 8,907,000, of whom 6,625,000 (74.4%) are Jews, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported Tuesday. 175,000 babies were born in Israel this past year, and 25,000 new immigrants arrived – 62% from Russia and Ukraine, 12% from France, and 10% from the U.S. Arabs in Israel number 1,864,000, 20.9% of the population. 89% of Israelis polled said they were happy with their lives, while 84% assessed their health as good.

Amir Weitmann, Head of the Libertarian Caucus in the Likud, and Binyamin Lachkar, Likud Central Committee, speaking at ILTV studio about a new poll by Israel’s Keshet TV that reports that the Likud party with Prime Minister Netanyahu at its head would win 36 seats in the Knesset if elections were held today.

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