With school starting, calls will be coming in to exhibit the Holocaust posters. They cannot go out in the deplorable condition they are currently in. We have several choices.

1. Come together at the Times Square Building and repair them. Those that are good at painting can paint. Those that are carpenters can help to restore the frames and the shipping crates.
2. Pay to have them repaired.
3. Store them somewhere, unrepaired. End of story.
4. Sell them. End of responsibility. End of story.

Maybe this should be on the board meeting agenda.

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  1. Janet Tatz here. I am in Chicago right now and can’t directly deal with this but did want to say that the Holocaust poster exhibit is/was a MAJCO project and has simply been being stored in GF. ( It was in our garage for many, many years and had been stored elsewhere also). I think the question and concern about the posters needs to be addressed by the MAJCO board. Dave, who was in charge of the exhibit for many years is also out of state and without cell service. I think he would want to weigh in on this as well. Good to bring up the issue. Sorry to hear they have been neglected. Let’s connect with MAJCO about this.

  2. Janet, thank you. I came here to say the same thing. The posters belong to MAJCO, not GFHA. However, the repairs need to happen. It’s a big lift for a very small “congregation” that only now meets less than five times per year. We are aging and just do not have the bandwidth for a job like this. Fixing these posters will need input and help from the larger congregations in the State (Bozeman, Billings, Missoula).

  3. I am thinking that perhaps Chaim can take them and put them on permanent display as part of his intended Holocaust Remembrance Museum. I think it would be a perfect fit!

  4. I am not a carpenter ( I wish I was) and very hesitant in painting something so special….but I would still like to help in some way.

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