GFIA Minutes 5-25-17 from Stephen.pdf
Great Falls Inter-Faith Association
May 25th, 2017
Those present:
Pastor Ray Larson, Benefis Healthcare
Stephen Boyd, GF Hebrew Association
Udo Wozney, Bethel Lutheran Church
Jim McCormick, Rescue Mission
Cherrie Kelly, Opportunities Inc.
Sharon Odden, Family Promise
Bobby King, Crossroads Memorial
Beth McKinney, GF Community Food Bank
Reed Bassett, LDS
Jennifer Fines, Habitat for Humanity
Billy Ross, Corpus Christi
Marla Wilckens, 1st Presbyterian
Pastor Ken Waag, Faith Lutheran
Travis Powers, Faith Lutheran
Tarilyn Lawson, 1st Presbyterian
Bobby King, Crossroads Memorial
Mike Whitney, Calvary Chapel
Renee Phillips, Calvary Chapel of Great Falls
Mike Ammons, Crossroads Memorial
Lynne Spencer-Smith, First Congregational
Sandi Filipowicz, YWCA
Sandy Morss, A-Plus Health Care
Phil Wells, Saint Vincent DePaul
Kahdesha Chiles, Saint Vincent DePaul
Marianne Brands, Salvation Army
Focus: Two Churches in Total Ministry and Service
Pastor ray opened with a reading from “The Question that Never Goes Away” and a prayer.

Marla -Early Risers raised just over $3,000 for Eagle Mount!

Pastor Mike – Crossroads Memorial Church – They are in their third year of partnership with Roosevelt Elementary School. Crossroads has had volunteers helping meet the staff’s and student’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs. Relationship building with kids, whether it be coming to read
with them, counseling, helping with homework, the volunteers have made a huge impact on student’s lives. They work with either small groups or individuals, taking a load off of the teachers as well. Volunteers have also done small and large things for the staff and teachers, from bringing coffee and energy
bars, or just stopping in to say thank you, to full breakfasts and luncheons on teacher’s appreciation week.
PTAs used to have a huge impact in schools, but most of the schools don’t have the parents who have time to commit to coming in and helping students. This is where the churches are a great resource. There are many retired folks in these churches that have time to give and would love to help.

One of their community outreach events is the annual Easter egg hunt. They Don’t do it to compete with the city, they just do it to provide a family friendly event. They are in their seventh year now. Spent over $6,000 on prizes and 65,000 eggs, filled with candy. The biggest complaint they get is from parents, that other parents are looking for the eggs!

The schools that have not been adopted by a church include Meadowlark, Sunnyside, Sacajawea, and Loy Elementary.

Pastor Ken – Faith Lutheran Church – They are in the middle of a massive building project; as a congregation they have been a presence in the city for 65 years. They have been going through a bible study called “Simple Church”. It is focused on Disciple building. A big part of this is reaching out and helping human need. They have adopted Whittier Elementary School and help in the school with food, books, mittens, and clothing as well as providing meals over the summer in the local park. Part of their
new building will be a workshop where people can learn a trade. Learning how to use tools helps boost self-esteem and build skill for the “real world”. They will have a State-of-the-Art sound system in a huge sanctuary that will be available for Christian music groups. They will also have a large senior’s
program. Some of the many community outreach programs they do include “Cookie Hour”, where homemade cookies are delivered to the Emergency services in the City, “Impact” a summer program for youth of all ages, and “Ignite” is a youth program geared for youth between 8 and 18.

Crossroads is also beginning to reach out to create a relationship with Sacajawea Elementary as well.
They will be launching a new website at the end of the month.

A note was made about annual voluntary contribution to the GFIA, the money raised goes toward things that tend to get missed, typically to schools or food banks. Last month the GFIA donated $100 each to the GFHS and CMR High School’s “Project Graduation”.

Next month we will be meeting at Benefis East on June 22nd, Classroom 5a-b.
Pastor Ray adjourned the meeting.

Submitted by Stephen Boyd

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