Great Falls Inter-Faith Association
March 23rd, 2017

Focus: Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Related Issues

Pastor Ray opened with a reading from Isaiah and a prayer.

Greg Tilton – The Montana Strategic Suicide prevention plan has been in place since 2001, rates have not declined any, we are still well above the national average. Montana had 555 suicides between January 1, 2014, and March 1, 2016. Of those, 440 were male and 115 female.
You can watch the KRTV episode of “Face the State” here:
In 2012, a Federal plan was issued, which the Montana plan uses as guidance. The marrying of public health and behavioral health is vital to this plan, however, it overlooks the importance of spiritual health. They are looking for a few spiritual leaders to “close the gap” in the plan.
KRTV is having a year-long program for this issue, there will be a continuous link on the web page. Veteran suicide is a huge problem, and a great many of the suicides are Vets suffering from PTSD.
Greg believes that the missing component to the Suicide Presentation plan is spiritual health.
Behavioral health programs are extremely expensive, but volunteerism isn’t, and in some ways is more beneficial than other programs.

They meet the third Monday of the month, from 3-5, at the Chamber of Commerce conference room.
For more information, contact Ben Wight, card attached below.

Jim McCormick – Pastor Ray made a list of all organizations who are, or might adopt a school. There are still schools that need help from faith-based organizations. They need funds, food, and volunteers. The best way to get a hold of the schools is to contact the principals, and the best way to get churches is to contact the church secretary.

Kristy Stoop – Violence prevention week is April 3rd – 9th. More info is on the website:

Submitted by Stephen Boyd, recording secretary GFIA.

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