One of the newest members of our congregation, Devorah Werner, has written a book called “Healing Hearts : Inspirational Journey: Coloring Book and Poems for Teens and Adults”, illustrated by her daughter Hannah Ross.

Looking for a place to journal, motivational text and coloring all in one book? Here is a unique book that gives you all of this and more.

This book is an interactive companion to help recover from old or present disappointments and experiences. In today’s world, it is our human nature to carry our burdens alone. Science currently supports improved healing through integration of healing modalities. The platform of this book joins three different levels: reading inspiring words; art therapy; and writing. You will find strength to face your truth and connect to your inner wisdom. Over time, you will move from the depths of your wounds to flourishing in your renewed trust of self. You will transform your life from sadness into joy. Let this book be a source of hope and share it with others who wish to thrive in the universe. — from CreateSpace, an Amazon Company

Here is what Amazon says.

Devorah Werner is a native Texan. As a child, she liked to play sports and was active in her Jewish community. After high school, she lived in Israel where she traveled and attended some University before returning to the United States.

Education and learning is one of her major passions, earning three major degrees. She is a Registered Dietitian, has a Masters of Social Work, and has been a Physician Assistant for several years. Currently, she is working as a Physician Assistant; however, utilizes all of her education in helping patients. “Addressing the emotional/spiritual component seems to be a vital part in one’s healing. In our fast pace world today, it is even more important to help people connect to their inner wisdom and to their communities for support.”

In her free time, she enjoys being with her family and spending time in nature. “It was a true joy to have a mother/daughter experience seeing this book come to life. It has been a dream to help others overcome and thrive from challenging experiences.”

The book in a short period of time has touched many people. It is her intention that it will help many others in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

Her book is available on Amazon for $14.95, or from Devorah herself for $12.00.

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