The Montana Association of Jewish Communities (MAJCo) is an umbrella organization that includes representation from Jewish communities across the length and breadth of the great state of Montana. Membership in MAJCo is open to any Jewish community, whatever the “stream,” within Montana.

Small Jewish communities in rural areas do not exist in a vacuum. Almost three decades ago, the Jewish communities throughout the state created MAJCo, an association of all the organized Montana Jewish communities. Through MAJCo, we keep in touch and have created a community throughout this great big beautiful state.

The Jewish communities in the Big Sky, from East to West, currently include:
• Congregation Beth Aaron, Billings
• Congregation Beth Shalom, Bozeman
• Congregation Aitz Chaim, Great Falls
• Helena Jewish Community, Helena
• Congregation B’nai Israel, Butte
• Congregation Har Shalom, Missoula
• Congregation Bet Harim, Kalispell
• Synagogue of the Northern Rockies, Whitefish
• Chabad Lubavitch, Statewide

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