To the Congregation of Aitz Chaim

As many of you know, Mark and I have recently relocated to Fayetteville, N.C.

Our 6 years in Great Falls has been wonderful, but now it is time to move on and be closer to family on the East coast. Mark has accepted a position at Fayetteville Technical Community College as an instructor and Dept. Head of the Paralegal program at the school.

From the beginning, meeting all of you and being part of the Jewish community was one of the best parts of living in Great Falls. We will certainly miss your friendship and our participation in functions and services at Aitz Chiam. You have welcomed us into your community and lives, and you have opened your homes to us with your hospitality. You will always be near and dear to us. We would welcome hearing from you from time to time if you care to share any news with us.

I’m hoping to join and/or participate in the local Synagogue. We will be fortunate, indeed, if we find another group of people who will be as inviting into their community as you have been.

With our very best wishes to all of you.

Ann and Mark Grobosky

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