Please mark your calendars to remind you of these upcoming events.

  • * Friday, 03/28/14: Week end with Student Rabbi Bess Wohlner
  • Monday, 04/14/2014–Tuesday, 04/22/2014: Pesach
  • * Tuesday, 04/15/2014, 5:30 P.M.: Aitz Chaim Community Pesach Seder, at the O’Haire Motor Inn
  • Monday, 04/28/2014: Yom HaShoah
  • * Friday, 05/09/2014 — Saturday, 05/10/2014: Montana Jewish Retreat, Chabad Lubavitch of Montana, at the El Western Cabins and Lodges in Ennis
  • Sunday, 05/18/2014: Lag B’omer (bonfire)
  • Tuesday, 06/03/2014: Erev Shavuot
  • Wednesday, 06/04/2014–Thursday, 06/05/2014: Shavuot (reading the book of Ruth
  • * Saturday, 06/21/2014, 9:00 A.M.: Scout Shabbat, at the Montana Council Camporee in Townsend, in the 4-H building
  • * Tuesday, 07/01/2014 — Thursday, 07/10/2014: Israeli Leadership Seminar in Israel
  • Friday, 08/01/2014 — Sunday, 08/03/2014: Annual Statewide Hadassah Shabbaton, Billings

* See article in Ram’s Horn.

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