GFHA Eaton Road Cemetery Maintenance

As part of a conservation project for the camping merit badge, Aitz Chaim congregant Max Weissman and his father spent some time at our historic Eaton Road cemetery this weekend.

Sometime last year, unknown vandals knocked down several of the gravestones at the cemetery.  We have contacted Montana Granite to perform repairs and reset the stones, but the gravesite area had to be cleared of growth first.  The photos below show an initial attempt to layout some pathways between the two main gravesite areas and to clear growth.

Some items that will need to be addressed are:

  • Removal of the barbed wire in the Eastern gravesite area,
  • Resetting knocked down stones,
  • Repair of the above ground concrete  mausoleum, and
  • Setting the date for one additional mowing of the area this Summer.

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  1. Nadyne Weissman

    Lots of work. Next time, I would like to help. Thank you from this member of the community.

  2. A very good deed and a mitzvah as well.

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