BOSTONPOSTERThe May, 2013 issue of the Boston Magazine has an article in it called Dedicated to the Shoes We Wore. Many of the Boston Marathon runners donated their shoes to a memorial to honor those who could not finish the race. They were placed in a heart shape on Boylston Street where the race should have ended. An aerial photo of the many-colored shoes in a heart shape is on the cover of the magazine. On her trip to New England in May, Meriam Nagel took a photo of the original picture that was used for the magazine cover, autographed by the photographer. As a fund-raiser for Aitz Chaim, she is offering to sell 8 x 10 framed prints of the picture for $20.00 each, with the proceeds going half to the Boston 1 Fund and half to Aitz Chaim. If interested, please contact Meriam Nagel by phone, or email editor@aitzchaim.com.

Posted on June 3, 2013, in 2013, June, Ram's Horn. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Nadyne Weissman

    What a lovely idea. Thank you Meriam.

  2. Agreed; what a great idea; I would be thrilled to buy one.

  3. Joy Breslauer

    I will let her know you’re interested, but you will need to contact Meriam by phone.

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