Well, we’ve had the battle of the Matzoh Brie and the brisket, and the what-makes-the-best-latkes debate. Inspired by Student Rabbi Miriam Farber’s sermon, I thought it might be fun to propose a Chicken Soup Challenge. What makes the best Jewish penicillin, that stuff of legend and lore? How do you get that great chicken flavor, that perfect texture, that delicate balance of vegetables and herbs and flavorful broth, that steaming bowl of goodness memories are made of and rhapsodic essays are written about, the comfort kids come home to from far flung places, the tried-and-true recipe that brings a tear to many a young bride’s eye when her husband says, “That’s not how Mom used to make it.” Please submit your top secret recipes. We promise we’ll keep them to ourselves.

Joy Breslauer,

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