A Ziessen Pesach to all!

We had a lovely Pesach Seder last night; food and fellowship made for a great evening.

We wish a bittersweet farewell to Adam Koslen as he moves to a bigger media market, Sioux Falls gain is our loss. Welcome to the Bergs and the Wilkins; we look forward to getting to know you better.

Todah Robah to Sandy Thares and the O’Haire Inn for creating such a wonderful meal and to Laura Weiss for all of the behind-the-scenes work and organization to make the evening possible.

Mark your calendars for the second night of Passover in 5774, downstairs at the O’Haire!


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  1. On behalf of Elliott Magalnick:
    It was good to see the picture of all of you in the Seder at the restaurant. It was good to see all these familiar faces. I am glad it went well for all of you and I hope it happens again with as much nachas as this time and maybe next year with many more people to join in with you.

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