Maurine Kornfeld swims at the 2011 Mesa Spring Nationals in Mesa, Ariz. Kornfeld, 90, won five gold medals at the 14th FINA World Masters Championship in Riccione, Italy, in June.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article from the Missoulian was brought to my attention by Jerry Weissman. It is about Maureen Kornfeld, one of our former congregants who, at age ninety, is still winning swimming competitions.

According to Jerry Weissman, a neighbor of the Kornfelds at the time, “Maureen was an early congregant of the Great Falls Jewish community in the 1930’s and has not forgotten her Great Falls roots. Actually, there were three children to the Kornfelds. Herb was a noted artist who left Great Falls to go to work for Walt Disney. Their brother Ray was an accountant in L.A. and led a quieter life.

“At the same time there were other ‘young’ Jewish people who were contemporaries of the Kornfelds, the Gomavitz family, for instance. Their son Lew (Lewis) left Great Falls to work for Billiy Wilder and learned the Movie Trade. He went to Chicago to be the Director of the hugely popular (1947-1951) KUKLA FRAN AND OLLIE show. He was the (volunteer) director of the first of many Democratic Party Conventions. He passed away in Los Angeles. His bother Alex lived in Tacoma, Washington.”

Here is the Missoulian’s story, with some fascinating history. Mazal Tov to Maureen Kornfeld.

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  1. I had the opportunity and privilege to swim with Maurine at the Nat when she was here in August. What an inspiration!

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