Scout Shabbat and Lag B’Omer commemorated during May services

The Great Falls Jewish Community will help mark Scout Shabbat at our scheduled services over the May 4-6 weekend. Scouts attending that service will qualify for the Scout Shabbat patch for 5772!

As this service and visit by Student Rabbi Rebecca Reice will fall in proximity to Lag B’Omer, we will again mark the occasion with a bonfire after havdalah on Saturday, May 5. Perhaps a Scout or two in attendance could help us get that fire lit?

Lewis & Clark District

20120131-180901.jpgScout week is coming! As part of our celebration of Scouting’s 102nd birthday, we will be commemorating Scout Sunday on February 5 and Scout Shabbat on February 11.

P.R.A.Y. and the Jewish Committee on Scouting have put together a beautiful pair of patches to mark Scout Shabbat and Scout Sunday. To earn the patches, simply attend religious services in your Scout uniform.

As the Great Falls Jewish Community will not be meeting in February, Scouts wishing to earn the Scout Shabbat patch should attend those services as noted at

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  1. Nadyne Weissman

    Sounds like a great event. Where will the bonfire be?

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