Proposed Congregation Budget for 5772

With the ending of the month of August, Congregation Aitz Chaim is now preparing for a new year.  We will again be doing our best to bring yiddishkeit to Northcentral Montana, albeit in a more limited way than in previous years.  Since demographic changes have caused our congregation to shrink, we can no longer offer monthly services 10 times per year.

As a result, I now propose to you the following budget for the coming year.  This budget will be on the agenda for congregation approval at our upcoming Annual meeting, which will be held on Sunday, September 25 at 1:00 P.M. at 1015 1st Avenue North.

This budget proposes bringing in Hazzan Magalnick to lead High Holy Day services and flying in a Student Rabbi from HUC in Los Angeles to lead three additional services.  We are currently considering scheduling these services for November, March (Purim) and May (Lag B’Omer).  Our specific congregation calendar will also be proposed in the very near future.

In order to conduct even this limited schedule, our congregation will need to raise almost $10 thousand per year in dues and donations.  The amount that we raise shrinks each year, and we have lost money from congregation operations for each of the past two years.  Without payment of membership commitments from each and every one of our congregants, our ability to maintain an active congregational schedule will be critically impacted.  Minimum membership commitments of $250 per individual and $500 per family are requested from all congregants, and additional donations above that amount would greatly enhance our efforts.  Your membership commitment can be paid by check, cash or credit card.  To pay by credit card, simply use the link to the right of this post.

 The Great Falls Hebrew Association, d/b/a Congregation Aitz Chaim

Budget for FY2012 (5772)

Sep ’11 – Aug 12
Ordinary Income/Expense
Contributions Income 1,615.00
Fundraiser Income 100.00
Member Dues Income 6,916.00
Newsletter Income 100.00
Pesach Income 1,000.00
Program Income 100.00
Total Income 9,831.00
Advertising Expense 170.00
Bank Charges/Merchant
Dues Expense 285.00
Fundraiser Expenses 50.00
Insurance Expense 612.00
Pesach Expense 900.00
Postage and Delivery
Program Expense 100.00
Property Tax Expense 115.00
Rabbi Expenses
Compensation Expense 4,575.00
Travel and Related Expenses 2,335.00
Total Rabbi Expenses 6,910.00
Rent Expense 350.00
Telephone Expense 60.00
Vehicle Expenses 150.00
Total Expense 9,827.00
Net Ordinary Income 4.00
Other Income/Expense
Other Income
Interest Income 240.00
Total Other Income 240.00
Net Other Income 240.00

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