How To Get the July Issue

Our experiment here, moving our former magazine-style newsletter to these “pages” is becoming a success. How do we know this?

Since last week, when we began posting articles for the July “issue”, readership on these pages has spiked with over 150 page views in the past two weeks. Our experience over the last several months is that readership “spikes” after we post articles here. In weeks we do not post articles, readership goes down.

We have made another recent change. As you may have noticed, the “address” for these pages is now simply “”. We hope that you will find that this simplification will make it easier for you to find us online!

You may have also noticed the “category tags” that we apply to articles. These “tags” are a great way of narrowing down information. For instance, if you want to just read the articles that we consider to be part of the “July Issue,” just click on the “July, 2011” category tag and you will just get those articles. You can also get a customized listing of any other category.

We look forward to seeing you over the coming weekend. It looks like we will have some very interesting discussions!

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  1. My suggestion would be to always send a link to the site with each e-mail.

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