The Hebrews, The Time Passengers: A Journey into Spirit and Land in the path of Abraham

Dr. Dror EydarOnce again, we are fortunate to have a stimulating program from Soul Train in Great Falls, MT.   Dr. Dror Eydar will be presenting a lecture, power point presentation, and musical performance including Jewish soul music and Israeli songs. The program is entitled

The Hebrews: The Time Passengers
A Journey into Spirit and Land in the path
of Abraham, t
he first Hebrew

new and fascinating archaeological find has recently been discovered in the Jordan Valley, east of Israel, an ancient site which the Hebrew tribes built around the beginning of the 12th century BCE. The site, its unique shape and its function, are deeply connected to the old ideas of the Jewish People as shaped throughout history since the time of the Patriarchs. Thus, this discovery sheds light on the past of the Jewish nation right up to the present day.

To refresh your memory concerning the birth of the Jewish nation, and to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of this presentation, Dr. Eydar recommends reading Genesis, chapters 12-22.

Please join us Wednesday, May 25 at 7 pm at the Great Falls Public Library.  The event is free, with donations accepted to the Great Falls Hebrew Association.

Dr. Dror Eydar has a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Jewish literature. He has given lectures in Hebrew literature, Jewish thought, Jewish mysticism and Israeli politics at many universities and colleges in Israel. Dr. Eydar is a well-known columnist in Israel for Hayom (Israel Today), the largest daily newspaper in Israel, and was the editor of the art and literature supplement Nativ, a journal of politics and the arts. He has written two books on Hebrew literature and Jewish mysticism, combining chosen parts of Israel’s history with the twentieth century. From time to time, he publishes essays and critiques on politics and general culture, as well as original works of poetry and prose in Israeli journals for literature, culture and politics.
In addition to his academic occupations, Dror Eydar is an active musician who has performed in many places across Israel and around the world, including North America, Africa, and Europe. He has conducted several choirs and bands. A prolific song writer, he has released three albums during the past decade.


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  1. In addition to a lecture, Dr. Eydar will also be performing guitar.

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