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Sitting on the lawn of Ashton Elementary School in northeast Idaho, I watched the total eclipse in absolute amazement. Yet, I’ll admit publicly, that for me, the eclipse was eclipsed by a far greater wonder, the birth and adoption of our newborn. It’s been six-plus years since my mom’s passing and, ever since, I’ve been hoping for a baby to carry her name. At the Shabbos Torah reading, after reading the words “in accordance with the blessing of the Eternal, your God, that He has given to you” I had the honor of naming our daughter Chana Laya (She has a registry here.) She is delicious, cute and so lovable. During these “seven weeks of consolation”, I received mine.
Raising a hand-full (literally) of children, is no simple task. Our world is chaotic, winds of secularism and unchecked insanity are blowing strongly, and divisiveness has overtaken our once United States. Nevertheless, we are still capable of raising holy children in the 21st century.

In this week’s Torah portion, Shoftim, we discuss war. The Jewish soldiers are commanded not to fear their enemy, even if seemingly mighty. Soldiers that are unfocused, whether newlyweds, new homeowners, new vignerons and those that are “chicken”, should go home. You don’t want a few distracted soldiers, weakening the entire army. In the pre-war words of the priest “Hear, O Israel, today you are approaching the battle against your enemies. Let your hearts not be faint; you shall not be afraid, and you shall not be alarmed, and you shall not be terrified because of them”.
Sun Tzu writes “Thus the expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him”. The world is a war zone, and our children must not fear it, must not find excuses to dodge the skirmish, but rather we must inspire, encourage and educate them to know the Art of War. Let’s put secularism on the defense, let’s arm our children with so much Yiddishkait, so much Torah, so much authenticity, giving the enemies of tradition a run for their money. Learn Kuzari, Chovas HaLevavos and Kuntres Umaayon with them, talk to them about what G-d means to you, infuse them with logic and faith, giving them the necessary ammo to decimate the darkness, or at least dismiss the temptation for instant gratification. I pray to merit raising my beloved Chana Laya, with her four amazing siblings, in the ways of their Bubby, my mother of blessed memory, who stared at the world and said, “bring it on”.
Our children need not to fear the world; the world needs to fear them!


Project to preserve Montana cemeteries gets $25K grant
Posted: Aug 23, 2017 4:44 PM MDT
Updated: Aug 23, 2017 4:44 PM MDT
By: Melissa Jensen – MTN News


HELENA – The Montana History Foundation recently announced it is receiving a grant from the National Park Service – one of just 12 grants given nationwide and the only one in Montana.

The $25,000 grant will be used for a three-day workshop next spring on preserving Montana cemeteries through education and technology.

Montana History Foundation CEO Charlene Porsild says they expect to bring up to 50 people from across Montana to Helena for the workshop.

It will include experts on various types of technology that can aid in grave identification and location, along with traditional methods like archival research.

Porsild says there are hundreds of historic cemeteries across Montana that can benefit from the workshop.

“Our community histories are caught up in those burials, whether they stayed in the same place or moved, whether the marker is still there or not,” says Porsild. “So that’s part of what we want to help people recover is the history of who’s in those cemeteries, whose family’s connections are in those cemeteries and how to draw those out and to preserve them for future generations.”

Porsild says the workshop will be recorded and eventually placed on their website to help continue education efforts for those who are unable to attend in person.



Yahrzeit memorials are listed by consecutive Hebrew month, date, and year, if known, or at the beginning of the list for one calendar year following the date of passing.

Compiled by Aitz Chaim over many years, this list is maintained by the Ram’s Horn. Please send any corrections or additions to
May the source of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort to all who are bereaved.

Name of
Hebrew Date of Passing Deceased Relationship to
Sarah Lewin 13 Adar, 5777 Mother of Rachel Michele Lewin Costaneda
Lydia (Leah) Bailey 3 Nisan, 5777 Mother of Karen (Chaya) Semple
Norman Nagel 11 Elul, 5736 Father of Meriam Nagel
William Meyer 21 Elul, 5726 Grandfather of Diane Sherick
Harriet Renne 22 Elul, 5769 Mother of Michael Renne
Joe Barrett 28 Elul, 5753 Uncle of Nadyne Weissman
Zel Lana Jenings 28 Elul, 5766 Niece of Diane Sherick


Dear Friends,

With immense Gratitude to Almighty G-d we are pleased to announce the arrival of our baby Chana Laya!
Chana Laya has a registry at babylist and in Bozeman at Baby Logic at the mall or online
We are very excited to welcome this new addition to our family and look forward to raising her to Torah, Chupah and good deeds.
May we collectively share in happy occasions together.
Rabbi Chaim, Chavie, Shoshana, Chaya, Zeesy and Menny


Isaiah Envisions a Museum!
By Rabbi Chaim
I guess you can call it good planning on my part; hiking the M for the very first time on Sunday, meeting amazing trekkers along the way. It allowed me to see how wonderful humanity truly is, despite the horrifying news that we received from Charlottesville after Shabbos. It’s hard to believe the word Nazi is still associated with living beings, it’s even harder to accept that there are those who hate others based on their skin color, religion, lifestyle or philosophical outlook. It is no coincidence that, although Chavie has been meticulously planning this launch since January, it was the week of August 14 that was chosen to announce the campaign to build The Holocaust Museum of Montana. Never Again, means Never Again; is that so hard to comprehend?

Tonight, is Shabbos Mevarchim, in which we bless the upcoming month of Elul. It is during this month, during the weeks leading up to the High Holy Days, that we take stock of our past year, we seek to return to our Creator with healthy introspection, small positive changes and unbridled enthusiasm to rock on into the New Year. In the Haftorah that we’ll read in Shul from our Prophet Isaiah, we are consoled “O poor tempestuous one, who was not consoled, behold I will set your stones with carbuncle, and I will lay your foundations with sapphires. And I will make your windows of jasper and your gates of carbuncle stones, and all your border of precious stones. And all your children shall be disciples of the Lord, and your children’s peace shall increase. With righteousness shall you be established, go far away from oppression, for you shall not fear, and from ruin, for it will not come near you. Behold, the one with whom I am not, shall fear, whoever mobilizes against you shall defect to you”.

We, the Jewish community, must not fall into the trap of fighting hatred with even more hatred. We must do everything in our power to uproot Nazism from these United States, but at the same time, we must ask ourselves, privately, am I REALLY helping America? Am I contributing love and peace to our country or am I, perhaps, doing the exact opposite? Elul, is days away, and it’s time to converse with our souls. I’m not a constitutional lawyer and I don’t understand exactly what free speech is and what it isn’t, but I do know how Chaim Bruk could choose to speak, I do know how Chaim Bruk can choose to see things, I do know how Chaim Bruk can be a better person. If I shine light, you shine light and everyone else shines light, the darkness will have a rough time and that is the goal.

Think it’s impossible? Daryl David disagrees!


Dear friends,

We, together with friends and partners around the world, were shocked to learn about the horrendous acts of antisemitism, racism, bigotry and violence which took place in Charlottesville last weekend. On behalf of the entire staff, lay leadership and congregational members of the Israel Reform Movement, we sent our friends in Charlottesville the following message.

On behalf of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), we want to express our deep sorrow and distress by the events which took place in Charlottesville over the past weekend. Together with you, we are shocked and horrified by the rise of antisemitism, racism and bigotry in America. We are committed to working with you and all of our Jewish sisters and brothers all across the United States in ridding this horrendous acts of hatred from our midst. Know that we stand with you in solidarity and are here to lend a helping hand.

In these times of distress, we pray that we will know how to channel our anger not in the way of Amalek, but rather follow the ways of some of our greatest teachers and rabbis. In the spirit of Tisha b’Av, which we marked just two weeks ago, and further in the spirit of love of Tu b’Av, may we internalize the words of Rabbi Kook: “and if we were destroyed and our world was destroyed over blind hatred, may we rebuild and may our world be rebuilt by blind love.”

The IMPJ deputy-chair for Financial Affairs, Adv. Yair Lootsteen, spent time with his family in Charlottesville almost 20 years ago. Therefore, when he heard what had happened, it hit close to home. Yair sent a most moving
letter to members of the Charlottesville. In it, he shared these moving words: “”כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה”. “All of Israel is responsible for one another”. Easier said than done when we are thousands of miles apart. But please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your congregants during these difficult times, as they are with all good people of Charlottesville. We pray for your safety and for a speedy return of calm and tranquility. “יְהִי שָׁלוֹם בְּחֵילֵךְ שַׁלְוָה בְּאַרְמְנוֹתָיִך”ְ. ” Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces”.

Yours in solidarity,

Rabbi Gilad Kariv- President and CEO of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism

Reuven Marko- Chairperson of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism

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montana Hadassah annual meeting: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY,08/26-27, 2017

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 26 and 27, 2017
Where: The Historic Ursuline Center, built in 1912, 2300 Central Ave. It is a Collegiate Gothic Building that is on the Historic Places National Register.
Accommodations: The Ursuline Center, 2300 Central Ave.

  • Sleeping accommodations offer a private room setting with room options of one bed ($36 per night) or two($46 per night) to fit your needs.
  • Most of our one-bed rooms offer Queen or Double beds, while our two bed options offer full size beds.
  • Each room is equipped with a dresser, sink and mirror for your convenience.
  • Separate restroom/shower accommodations for men and women are semi-private, shared facilities located at the end of the hallway on the sleeping floors.

For reservations, please call 406-452-8585 or visit The Ursuline Center. Tell the Ursuline Center the reservation is for the Hadassah meeting August 26 and 27th. You can reserve a room for Friday night (25th) and Saturday night (26th), or just for Saturday night. Rooms will be held until August 15, 2017


  • Saturday, August 26, 3pm – tour the Ursuline Center $25 cost divided among participants.
  • Saturday, August 26 5:30pm – Dinner at Teriyaki Madness **
  • Saturday, August 26, 7:00pm – -Havdallah
  • Collection of toiletries for Crisis Center
  • Saturday August 26, 7:30pm – Program – Speaker Deborah Cabin, McLaughlin Research Institute.
  • Silent Auction items will be on display
  • Sunday, August 27, 8 am – Breakfast at the Ursuline Center **
  • Speaker, Dafna Michaelson Jenet, State Representative, Colorado House of Representatives, District 30
  • Silent Auction wrap up
  • (Sharon Ann Ashton???), DVD film (either Sunday morning, or just before Deborah Cabin speaks on Saturday night)
  • MT Hadassah Annual Meeting

Registration Form: Due by August 10
Please enclose registration fee made out to MT Hadassah in the amount of $25.00 per person
Name______________________________________________ Address____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
Phone # (h) ____________(cell)________________________ email____________________________________
need or want a roommate?___________________________

** Dinner at Teriyaki Madness will be no host. There are a variety of chicken, beef and tofu entree options accompanied by veggies, and rice or noodles. Everything is cooked to order, so you can order the way you prefer. Once you arrive in Great Falls, we will review the menu. Dinner orders will be submitted prior to departure from the Ursuline Center.

**Breakfast on Sunday mornings and either a sack lunch or eat in lunch on Sunday are included in the registration fee

Please mail your registration form to:
Nadyne Weissman
MT Hadassah Annual Meeting Registration
2777 Greenbriar Drive
Great Falls, MT 59404
along with the $25.00 registration fee made out to MT Hadassah, by August 10. Rooms at the Ursuline will be held only until August 15.

Our speaker Saturday evening
Introducing Deborah Cabin
I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I obtained my BA in biology from Johns Hopkins University., then worked in a surgery lab studying the response in the liver to cardiogenic shock. I obtained my PhD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, studying mouse models of Down Syndrome in Roger Reeves’s lab. My post-doctoral training was at the National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH, where I worked on mouse models of Parkinson’s disease under Robert Nussbaum. I’ve continued working on Parkinson’s disease since coming to the McLaughlin Research Institute in 2006. My work focuses on two main areas: first, what is the normal function of the protein responsible for Parkinson’s disease, and second, what aspect of that protein allows it to convert from a benign to a neurotoxic molecule.

Submitted by Nadyne Weissman


Now that there has been a break in the extremely hot weather, please come to the cemetery on Sunday, August 13, 2017, starting at 10:00 A.M., ready to clean and mow.

Please bring mowers, weed whackers, yard and leaf bags, cans of gasoline, and fleshig finger food and drinks for fellowship.

The best address for the cemetery is 81 Highland Road.  To get there (from the Benefis East hospital), drive Southbound on 26th Street past the hospital for 1.5 miles and follow the road when it turns to the left.  At that point the road will become Highland Road.  Continue straight for a mile until you reach the cemetery.

Thank you.
Joy Breslauer, Ram’s Horn Editor
Aitz Chaim, Great falls Hebrew Association


The family of Beverly Gertrude Zoot Tatz is to hold the unveiling of her headstone the morning of Sunday, August 13.

It will take place at 11:00 AM at Home of Peace Cemetery
located on Alexander Street between Brady Street and Custer Avenue in Helena.

A brunch and social gathering on the second floor at Touchmark, 915 Saddle Drive, will follow the unveiling.

All are welcome to attend the unveiling and the activities at Touchmark, but are asked to rsvp, if affirmative, to:


Great Falls Inter-Faith Association
July 27th, 2017
Those present:
Pastor Ray Larson, Benefis Healthcare Stephen Boyd, GF Hebrew Association
Rick Allison, Big Sky Baptist Jim McCormick, Rescue Mission
Beth McKinney, GF Food Banks Leesha Ford, Toby’s House
Jodi Niemeier, Toby’s House Mike Whitney, Calvary Chapel
Kathy Schendel, Echoz Pregnancy Care Matt Firkel, GF Rescue Mission Thrift Store
Mark Davis, Foot of the Cross Christian Book Store

Focus: Great Falls Community Resources & Supporting Services

Pastor Ray opened with a reading from Romans and a prayer.

The following letter was inserted from our first presenter, Mark Davis.
The Foot of the Cross Christian Store.
A non-profit Christian retail store being developed to provide the necessary materials and gifts to enhance the walk of a believer and give understanding to those that are lost.
Fellow followers of Christ,
My name is Mark Davis and I have served as the general manager of the Family Christian Store in Great Falls up to its closing on April 15, 2017.
Before the final days of business, God placed it on my heart to develop another Christian store here in Great Falls which would benefit the community and the Christian charities of our city. To meet this goal, I have been working on gathering the necessary information to determine the initial cost of opening a store of this nature.
Preliminary figures have come in at a little over $189,000.00 and to build in a creditable allotment for increased cost during renovation and stocking, I feel a loan of $200,000.00 would be necessary. Even though I have over 42 years of retail experience, the banks would consider this as a startup project and require a 25% down payment. This means we would have to come up with an investment of $50,000.00 from those interested in seeing a new source of Christian products maintained locally.
The one thing that God made clear to me was that this was not to be for my benefit and all the net profits generated would need to be distributed fairly among those Christian charities in need here in Great Falls. To this end, I am hoping to develop a non-profit board of directors that would be responsible for accepting the applications and determining the appropriate amount of funding to be given to those charities who have applied.
I have already talked with an attorney and accounting firm that would be willing to assist in establishing our corporate structure and by laws.
So I guess the question you will all have is why am I touching base with you? The answer has many facets, but really comes down to three major areas.
1. I would like to get your input on not only what you would like to see carried in the store, but if you really feel as I do, that the need for a tangible source of Christian products is necessary to maintain here in the Great Falls community.
2. I would like to have several of you serve on the board of directors, so that a just and fair assessment can be made on who the funding developed by the store will go to and to make sure that those applying are truly using these funds for the Kingdom of God.
3. I would also ask that you might allow me to present this idea to your churches, so that we would be able to raise the necessary funds to make this store come to fruition.
If any of you have further questions, comments and/or ideas that you would like to pass by me, please feel free to contact me directly.
Mark Davis
406-453-1883 home
406-868-6832 cell
PS: We have already created an online donation platform with if you need more information.
Thank You and be blessed,
Mark Davis

Leesha Ford – Toby’s Crisis House Nursery – Huge Needs in Small Packages
Similar to facilities such as Jeremiah’s Place in Pittsburgh PA, Leesha is trying to open Toby’s Crisis House Nursery in Great Falls. It is a crisis nursery for children 0-6, it reduces the number of children being removed from homes and being placed in Foster Care. Montana is higher than most other states in cases of child abuse, double the amount of shaken baby syndrome per capita. In a community need assessment for a crisis nursery in 2016, only 6 of over 100 parents said they would not use a crisis nursery for anything from destressing to job interviews.
Crisis care would be available 356 days, 24 hours a day. They are hoping to open a temporary shelter in the next 6 months that could house around 6 children at a time, but eventually opening a larger center with 14-16 beds. The staff will consist of both paid employees and volunteers.
This is not a duplication of the children’s receiving home as it is more preventative versus reactive. i.e. children who have already been removed from a home. This nursery would provide help for families in crisis to hopefully avoid the abuse from ever occurring. Most cases when CPS has been called, parents are calling with providers to avoid a crisis situation.
“Mind the Gap” This is a gap in our community that this nursery is hoping to fill. They have many other services on their board of directors and are connected to many community partnerships.
What they are looking for right now is a temporary home, maybe a church basement, or an old Day Care center.
For more info, questions, or to help, visit

Pastor Ray adjourned the meeting.

Contributed by Stephen Boyd