I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and are enjoying the early Hanukkah this year!

It is time to start thinking about helping out at the Mercy Home for Christmas Eve and Day. As you may or may not know, our Jewish community volunteers to staff the women’s domestic violence shelter in town for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so that the staff can have a day to celebrate with their families. If you have never done this before, we can get you a brief training. It is really easy, rewarding, and a great Mitzvah for the staff at the Mercy Home. Just keep in mind that, because it is a women’s domestic violence shelter, men are welcome if they are with a female. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, we just can’t schedule males by themselves at the facility.

Please text, call or email Wendy Weissman to sign up for a shift.

Shifts are as follows:
12/24 2-5 PM
12/24 5-8 PM
12/24 8-11 PM
12/25 8-11 AM
12/25 11 AM to 2 PM
12/25 2-5 PM
These hours may be rearranged as needed to cover the necessary shifts.

Hope to see you at the Mercy Home. And thank you for your time and dedication to this worthy project.

Submitted by Wendy Weissman
Phone or Text: (406) 868:5712

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