From Wendy Weissman:

The Helena Jewish community is trying to purchase back the old synagogue that is now office spaces. They want to buy it and renovate it.

They are just in the beginning stages of this process, and have formed a non profit called the Phoenix Project, of which I am the treasurer. Right now they are giving tours of the old synagogue and getting ideas of what types of renovations it could use and how to best use the space. And of course, they are starting some fundraising.

I thought we could all caravan down to Helena and tour the synagogue. The Helena Jewish community has offered to host us for a short meet and greet outside the synagogue.

I am throwing out a date that works for the Helena community – how does Sunday September 19th at 2 PM sound for a tour? We can carpool or caravan down to Helena for the day. We could do our tour at 2 and then the Helena community would meet us at 3. We can either do dinner in Helena or just head back to Great Falls.

Thoughts??? I tentatively booked us a tour for that date when I was doing some treasury work with the President today…. If that date doesn’t work, throw out some other dates and I will coordinate with the Helena community to see if it will work, but this date seemed to work for them. I want to do this sooner rather than later so I don’t have to drive in the snow…


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  1. Diane and Jon Levinson

    How can we donate online to re-acquire the Helena Synagogue?

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