While Bethel has adhered to a policy of beneficial usage of the buildings which we have been blessed to own as a congregation of the ELCA. We must continue to institute some restrictions on its use for the protection of our staff, our congregation, and members of those organizations which have a historical use of Bethel’s buildings.

Usage of our facilities shall continue to be limited to those organizations which are supportive of Bethel’s ongoing mission and to those who have a current contract with Bethel for the use of the church’s facilities. All organizations that are using the facilities will be required to follow all the current use guidelines or any new guidelines adopted by the church council or as mandated by any federal, state or local government agency.

Current guidelines include but are not limited to:

  • Masks will be voluntary and are recommended if persons are or have been ill, or if people are more comfortable wearing them.
  • Social Distancing would still be appreciated.
  • Food or beverages will be allowed upon request. Council will review requests.
  • All contact surfaces must be wiped down with a sanitization product before leaving.
  • Any additional expense incurred due to requirements for additional sanitization of the facilities, or part of, shall be paid by the responsible parties involved.

This addendum will take effect upon passing and stay in effect until removed by a vote of the church council.
Discussed and approved by Bethel Church Council 06/08/2021

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