April 10, 2019

I just got a call from Susan Hinton. Bill and Susan, members of Aitz Chaim, moved to Gulf Shores, Mississippi. Bill contracted stomach cancer and was tolerating it fairly well for almost two years. It came back in October and since January he has just been hanging on. He passed in a hospice last night. He was 87, but anyone who remembers him he acted like he was 40.

Bill and Susan are converts to Judaism and were more Jewish than many people born in our religion. Sad to lose a friend.

There is no rabbi or Jewish presence, according to Susan, in Gulf Shores. She and Bill chose to be interred at the National Cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi. The funeral will be within 24 hours.

Susan’s cell phone number is 601-692-4960

I will find their mailing or home address.

Jerry Weissman

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