My name is Robert Shay and I am the Commander of the Pacific NW Post 686 of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States. Our organization was formed in 1896 by 36 Jewish veterans of the Union Army, in the Civil War. Originally we were the Hebrew Union Veterans Association and in the 1920’s we merged with the Jewish Spanish American War veterans group and became the J.W.V.

The reason I am writing is to connect with Jewish veterans in Montana, so that hopefully, our National Commander who has vacation property near Plains, can make a trip to the state. Our Post is located in Bellevue, WA, and I am working on our outreach to veterans in states where there is not a Post. I have been working through Brian Schnitzer, MAJCo and have made connections in Helena and Billings.

My wife and I are retired and have enjoyed many road trips across Montana to tour our National Parks, visit relatives and former family home towns in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota. We are also hoping to make another trip to Glacier this year to finally get across the pass on the Highway To The Sun, which we have failed to do on two previous trips. We also want to make a trip across the north highway to visit the Fort Peck Veterans Memorial. I have been in contact with the sculptor and am very impress with her work.

If you know of any Jewish veterans in Montana please have them contact me as I am offering free first year membership to our organization.

Thank you for any help you can offer,

Bob Shay

Is There a World War 1 Memorial or Monument in your hometown?
If yes, please contact me.

Robert “Bob” Shay
Commander, Jewish War Veterans, Pacific NW Post 686
Chaplain, Veterans of Foreign Wars Lake Washington Post 2995
Volunteer Monument Hunter for the United States World War 1 Centennial Commission

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  1. A friend in Nevada, told me about your Organization. We live in Missoula Montana. My Husband is an Army Veteran of the Korea Conflict. I am having a hard time advancing his pension from 10% to 100%, as it should be. He was born with a left Heart Ventricle undeveloped as he weighed only 2 pds 6ozs at birth. The Army took him anyway. He had only one eye at the time, losing it at 8 years old. He is almost 85, has serious heart problems, Congestive Heart Failure, Sleep Apnea, Type 2 Diabetes, and all that goes with. Is on Oxygen 24/7, and uses a Walker and cane. The local VA as well as State is no help at all. the Director in Missoula calls it all “CRAP”! Our friend in Nevada told me that you folks could help. What is your membership Dues, what do I need to do, what do I need to send, etc. I have not found a chapter here in Montana. My phone number is 406-274-3279. Thank you for listening.

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