2018 MAJCo State Capitol Chanukiot Lighting Event & Meeting

*** Thursday, December 6 ***

Lighting of community chanukiot and address by the Governor, or his representative – noon
(MAJCo meeting to follow in capital conference room to be announced)

Although having to accept the trickiness of Montana’s weather and shorter days in December, it is hoped that many will be able to attend. It is 683 miles by road from Libby to Wibaux. Lewistown is the geographic center of our state, but the early pioneers did not see it fit to establish the capital there. It certainly would have made driving from Billings, and equally Whitefish, more convenient!

The lighting of the chanukiot (all are invited to bring their own and the five candles needed for the 4th day) will be followed by an address by Governor Bullock or his representative. Afterwards MAJCo spiritual leaders are each welcome to add some brief, hopefully nonpartisan and nonsectarian, remarks.

The one hour MAJCo meeting scheduled for 1:00 PM historically was a winter telephone conference. The yearly physical meeting was instead held at the Shabbaton in the spring/summer/fall. It still seems important to get together at least occasionally in order to maintain a sense of family. One of the major topics we need to discuss is our plans as to future meetings.

But, the most important issue for discussion is our vision as to the future of MAJCo. It was created when we had only six very similar communities with only rare resident rabbi’s and no other statewide organizations. Our congregations were small with few available resources. Communicating with each other, and the outside Jewish world, was more difficult and infrequent then. We were very particular to, within broad bounds, not suggest to others how to think or vote, and certainly not how to pray.

Is there a need any longer for a secular organization like MAJCo, and can it even fulfill its stated purposes?

Please try your best to be there. You are encouraged to bring any MAJCo related items that may have accumulated in your closets for exchanging. All are hoped to be back on the roads heading home around 2:00 PM.

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